Thursday, September 23, 2010

Start/sit and rankings for Week 3

I can never decide if Autumn or Spring is my favorite season but I think Autumn might have a slight edge what with the whole football thing going for it. So I'm exceedingly pleased to welcome the first day of fall today. Granted, Mother Nature didn't quite get the message since it's supposed to be around 90 degrees here in NYC tomorrow, but that's fine, it's like one last hurrah before summer slides on out. This all means that Week 3 is around the corner and fortunately for all of us the start/sit suggestions are cranking and there are plenty of rankings and projections to turn to as well.

Week 3 start/sit links:

Week 3 rankings/projections (note that while all links below are to QBs, most other position links are available on each expert site):
 I'll be back tomorrow with more start/sit advice and hopefully the consensus start/sit list as well!


Anonymous said...

hey its Hawk at Hawk Fantasy Sports. any interest in linking my start/sit advice to your blog?

jason said...

The bruno boys rankings are a joke- they don't know dixon is out for 6 weeks (so rank hines ward with the comment that dixon will be back) and also don't know that ochocinco is hurt. what a waste of time even scrolling through their garbarge...

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks for the feedback, Jason - I might be misreading the Bruno Boys WR rankings, but I think they know Dixon is out and are implying that Leftwich will be starting. No? Ochocinco's tweet about his ribs has been deleted and unconfirmed but you're right, BB guys could probably stand to mention that. As always, I love hearing what you guys like and don't like, so many thanks!

Hawk, leave us all a link to some of your material and we'll check it out.