Friday, September 24, 2010

Tools to help with Week 3 decisions

For those of you who have thoughtfully sent e-mails congratulating me on this baby-to-be or have checked in to see how things are going, I just wanted to share my thanks in case I don't get a chance to e-mail you back. Tomorrow is my due date but this baby doesn't seem to be in a rush to join us - stunning, since I was sure he'd want to be around for the Broncos vs Colts showdown in our household on Sunday (my husband is a Colts fan, I'm a Broncos fan). I've been trying to post a lot this week since I have oh, not much else to do other than contemplate my baby status, so hopefully this week has offered you all plenty of resources. I'm pulling together a post with some of my top go-to resources that you'll want to scope out while I take a few days off post-baby...whenever that much anticipated day comes.

So enough on babies, let's get to football. Lots and lots of start/sit material to start us off...

Start/sit linkage - keep in mind that I'll be pulling together my weekly consensus start/sit list based on these recommendations later today or tomorrow:

If a laundry list of start/sit suggestions isn't for you, try one of these links instead:
  • have released their expert site accuracy assessment for Week 2 - they have both the cumulative YTD accuracy by position as well as Week 2 results. 
  • It won't be long now before we're all looking for some bye week plug-ins and DSTs are one place where most of us should use the bye week to take a long, hard look at how successful our drafted DST has been, or if there's a more suitable upgrade available. If you're looking for a defense for this weekend, take a look at's D/ST Wins Championships - Week 3 advice.
  • There are of course a few more positional rankings and projections out there for this weekend's matchups:
  • has two tools that I've been playing around with a bit this morning:
    • Week 3 Fantasy Points Prognosticator - select the players you're debating between and you'll get the projected points for this week from CBS' Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg plus AccuScore. It's definitely not the most visually compelling or easy to navigate tool, but it does the job.
    • Or try their Week 3 Interactive Running Back Selector, which I find a bit more interesting - particularly for those in PPR leagues who are hoping to assess how many receptions are projected for an RB this week.


Peter said...

I'm sure you've heard it all - but congrats again on the baby. My wife and I are the proud parents of 3, and it's been an amzing, rewarding experience so far (our oldest is 4).

Looking forward to family updates when the baby comes!

Wendy said...

All the best to you Librarian! Congratulations and thanks for all the work leading up to the big day!

Enjoy your new bundle of joy...a true gift!