Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy RB injuries = lots of Monday updates

I'm like the energizer librarian: I just keep on going and going, still rocking the overdue baby, which means more blog posts for you all. Mondays are quiet days on the fantasy front but there's plenty of info out there, especially for those looking to set some waiver wire requests for the week. So let's get right to it...

  • As a treat for still being full of baby, my husband and I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to the Red Zone channel. Gotta say the host must be the ultimate ADD multitasker, but man, that channel is just plain awesomeness, especially when you're not particularly psyched about the matchup you're otherwise forced the watch (I'm talking to you, Giants). So first up today, some game recaps and player updates in case you don't have the Red Zone or missed any details from yesterday's games:
  • Some waiver wire suggestions:
  • Finally, if you're already staring down an 0-3 season and wondering how else you might be able to enjoy this fantasy season, take a look at some of the sites covered in the WSJ's Fantasy Through the Looking Glass (includes a mention of, a site that I mentioned recently as being a great addition to your normal FF play). 

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