Tuesday, September 07, 2010

More Week 1 Prep

Must say I'm feeling a great deal of sorrow that FootballGuys had to close down their awesome repository of links for fantasy footballers, TodayinFantasy.com. When I think about the time and energy I put into this relatively minimalistic blog in my spare time and compare it to the monstrous task they took on with TIF, I have to say I'm not shocked that they're taking a break to get kinks worked out...it's a loss for the fantasy info lover but know that they'll be back better than ever next spring.

In the meantime I'm drowning my TIF sorrows with the reminder that the NFL season starts in less than 48 hours...and there's plenty of Week 1 material out there to link to tonight:

  • Week 1 rankings and projections:
  • Week 1 Start/Sit suggestions:
  • The Hazean has injury news for a whole slew of players up in Injury Prep for Week 1 - and he includes a friendly reminder to make sure your lineups are set for Thursday night's game. Can't say that enough!
  • Speaking of Thursday night's game, Rotoworld breaks it down with notes on players that you'll want to start, and those who can remain benched in Thursday Night Matchup: MIN @ NO.
  • Another treat from Rotoworld is Your 2010 Revis Cheat Sheet with a list of top WRs that you might want to sit when facing the Jets this season. The Revis impact is no joke - some incredible talent has been stymied by Revis so do keep the Revisness in mind this year as you set your lineups each week.
In the past I've spent some time each week tallying up the players with the most mentions in start and sit columns that I link to here, and have posted a consensus start/sit list (here's an example from last year). Is this a feature that you all found helpful? Please leave a comment or e-mail me so that I know whether or not this is something I should spend time on again this season - thanks!


Anonymous said...

Love the consensus start/sit lists. Please keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Consensus start/sit is awesome. One of the main reasons I hit your blog.

Kevin said...

I always checked out the consensus start/sit, found it the most valuable at WR.

Christy said...

Hi! I always liked the consensus start/sit last year. Showing support for this year :)

John Compton said...

Hey Sara,

As for the consensus start/sit it is helpful. (Especially because I mentioned this feature of your blog to some newbies in my league).

Secondly, thanks so much for the gifts, footballguys is a whole lot of information and the draft guide was a big help. (Rachel may not think the same, she said something about football taking over my life today).

I did want to ask your thoughts on my odd situation that I have at RB for week one. I have

Michael Turner (vs. Pit)
Shonne Green (Vs. bal)
C.J. Spiller (vs. Mia)
Arian foster (vs. ind).

Normally I would go turner, green, foster, but turner and green both have really tough match ups. So do I start Spiller instead of one of them? I also have Leon Washington, but I don't think anybody knows who is going to carry the ball most in Seattle.

Let me know your thoughts when you get a chance.


Matt Johnson said...

The collective analysis is what your librarian mind does better than the rest of us. Don't deprive us!

Also, why no love on the site for fantasysportscentral.com? I've always thought they had a lot of in-depth projections and a nice compilation cheat-sheet.

Matt Johnson said...
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Anonymous said...

keep the consensus sit/start!

Anonymous said...

Do the list! Great to know the collective buzz.

Anonymous said...

I'm super bummed about TIF too. I was looking forward to their combination of articles and yours.

I like the start/sit consensus as much as everyone else, bring it on if you feel you have the time, the effort is appreciated.

MrMo said...

I like the consensus start/sit, too. Just wish more of my guys showed up on the start list. Awesome site, by the way. And I'm a fellow librarian!

JV said...

definitely keep the consensus start/sit...it was my go-to every week last year!

Heine81 said...

+1 more for the consensus start/sit list.

Anonymous said...

Commish ~

Yet one more affirmative vote for the S/S list. Need some preliminary advice on the RB situation. I planned to start Rashard Mendenhall, but with the recent announcement from the Steelers about Isaac Redman becoming the first choice on the team's short-yardage back I am having second thoughts. Unfortunately, my alternatives are a bit sketchy -- Jahvid Best, Rookie; Correll Buckhalter,coming off an injury and behind Moreno; and Justin Forsett, Jones has apparantely been uncut by the Hawks. Any advice. Thanks. Dewey.

Lou said...

I too mourn the loss of today in fantasy. But luckily I stumbled upon your site, so hopefully it can hold me over til next year.


Mike from WI said...

Yeah i LOVE the consensus sit/start feature! You do a super job with it, please keep it :)

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Wow, the people have spoken! The consensus start/sit is here to stay then...glad to hear you all find value in it.

John, I'm of the mind that in Week 1 you play your top players and don't worry a ton about matchups since we don't really know exactly how good a rush defense is or how potent an offensive line's run blocking might be...that said, I think I'd go Turner, Foster, and Spiller here. Thoughts from others on this?

Dewey, do you start 2 or 3? I'd stick with Mendenhall (see logic above and I'm not too worried about Redman) and Best with Forsett at the 3rd spot if needed.

Please feel free to voice your opinions on here, ask questions, etc. I can't always provide timely help but I definitely think you all have a lot of collective intelligence here, so by all means feel free to answer one another's start/sit questions if you've got strong feelings!


Anonymous said...

Keep them coming.....what a wonderful resource!!! You rock!

Anonymous said...

KEEP IT!!! That is something i can always count on and is one of the best parts of your site!

Anonymous said...

Here's another vote to continue the consensus start/sit rankings - it's useful and interesting. Thanks!