Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The football calm before the baby storm

Well I've got four more days until my due date arrives and this is the first week that I am completely not working at my real job and am on maternity leave...so I'm basically just hanging out, working on the blog, walking around Brooklyn, trying to will this baby out sooner rather than later. Basically what that means is that in theory I might have more time this week to get posts up. This is probably a good time to note that while I would love to answer all of your start/sit or roster questions, I am absolutely swamped by them and can't keep up. I highly recommend heading to some of the following sites to ask questions or join in on chats throughout the week:

  • Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy has a Pay What You Want for Advice feature that you'll find atop all of their articles or right on their homepage.
  • Every week night the Bruno Boys are doing a chat - unreal to offer this every single night so take advantage! Here's a link to last night's chat.
  • There are a few other weekly chats happening like CBSSports.com's chat today at 1:00 eastern (that's right now for those of you who are reading this post as it goes up).
  • Both the Fifth Down and Razzball answer start/sit questions in the comments section of their articles.
Speaking of advice, one other spot you'll want to check out is Razzball.com's recent article that looks at some clutch fantasy football folks to follow on Twitter, and just some advice on Twitter in general. 

Moving on to the rest of today's links:

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Ben said...

Good luck with the baby! My wife is due in 2 days and she's also doing whatever she can to get this thing rolling! I just hope she doesn't have it on a Sunday! Hate to miss Fantasy!
All the best.