Wednesday, September 08, 2010

More giveaways!

Okay I've got more treats to give away to you all, my fine readers.

First up: 2 subscriptions to FFXtreme's season-long membership to the first 2 people to e-mail me. Again, these have been very, very popular so I'm assuming that you need to respond within the first 5-10 minutes or so, so please check the blog to see if I've updated it to say the giveaway is closed. Update: And I've now given away the FFXtreme memberships - thanks everyone!

Even bigger giveaway: A Buffalo Wild Wings Lawn Chair, which was bestowed upon me for partaking again in their BWW Fantasy Football League (which I'll just remind everyone I won last year and got an amazing, unreal trip to the Super Bowl!). It folds up pretty compactly for tailgating purposes - only catch is that you would have to be comfortable with giving me your mailing address (promise I'm not a crazy librarian who will show up on your doorstep, just need a place to send the lawn chair!). If you'd like to win the lawn chair, you will need to have the closest guess for the total number of rushing yards for Adrian Peterson and Pierre Thomas in tomorrow night's MIN @ NO season opener, and if there's more than one correct guess, I'll draw a name from those correct guesses. So e-mail me your guess before the game starts tomorrow night!

I'll be back later today with the usual daily dose of links.


Anonymous said...

maybe you could change the contest to something other than "first two". For those unable to get to the computer in time.

Anonymous said...

or maybe FFExtreme can nut up and offer 100 memberships instead of 10, then 4, then 2.

When the first offering came up (which I missed), I went and reviewed their content and immediately found a flaw in their projections. Had Favre throing 2 TDs, but in the RB/WR/TE breakdown, only one TD was caught).

My opinion is FFExtreme is becoming FFExtremelyAnnoying

They should realize they are in FFExtremeCompetition with other FF sites whose content is both more accurate and proofchecked then theirs, and offering miniscule batches of online memberships to this is not as compelling as they might think. Especially in batches of not-worth-considering counts.

2 cents