Friday, December 09, 2011

Getting sentimental

In the upcoming year my mom is moving out of the house that my family has lived in for 35+ years. I was born there, made mud pies there, built innumerable snowmen there, fought repeatedly with my sister there, snuck out of ridiculously tiny windows there, and have spent every Christmas morning there. So this year will be our final Christmas there and I'm feeling fairly sentimental about it, though trying not to let my mom see that too much; I know the move will be hardest on her. But I guess this just makes this year's holiday season that much sweeter, doesn't it?

Speaking of sweet things, how about fantasy playoffs? I hope you all enjoyed last night's game - I only made it until half time or so...I think I'm cursed with a Mike Wallace - Antonio Brown bad decision problem. I essentially can start 1 of them each week (I have both in 2 different leagues) and inevitably have made the wrong decision about which one to start for the past month or so. Here's hoping you started Brown last night. Now onto today's links:

Don't forget to submit your lineup for's Compete Against the Pros - I'm their featured pro this week, which is amusing to me and I do hope to do that title "pro" proud. See if you can beat me and earn $5 while you're at it.

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