Monday, December 12, 2011

Can I get a comeback?

I've held off on gushing over my Broncos a whole lot here since we all know the world has long since maxed out on the Tim Tebow lovefests...but seriously, the comebacks are unbelievable. They're making for incredible 4th quarters/OT and I'm loving it. Next week's matchup with the Patriots should be an interesting battle in our family since my sister and bro-in-law are big Pats fans. Fortunately we won't all be together for the holidays yet; it would just be sad to see their faces when the Broncos win yet again.

I hope you all joined in on's Beat the Expert challenge - looks like there are 1800+ of us participating and I'm ranking somewhere in the 400s I believe. My Ray Rice/Shonn Greene combo was pretty solid but my receivers didn't exactly pan out as hoped. Let's see how many of you make $5 by beating my lineup...

Now onto today's links:


Anonymous said...

bad link for 2MugsFF's

Nick said...

Go Broncos! :)