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Week 15 consensus picks

The season is winding down and with it, our consensus start/sit lists are starting to reach their expiration date...but don't worry, we've still got a few more weeks of consensus wisdom to read up on. As usual I went through this weeks start/sit list and tallied up below are the players with the most start or sit votes.

Good luck in the playoffs and hope you all enjoy watching the Broncos beat the Pats!

Start: Matt Stafford, Tim Tebow, Rex Grossman
Sit: Alex Smith, Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer (he also got several start votes though), Michael Vick

Start: Chris Johnson, Beanie Wells, Cedric Benson, Felix Jones
Sit: Rashard Mendenhall, Ryan Mathews, DeAngelo Williams, C.J. Spiller

Start: Demaryius Thomas, Jabar Gaffney, Santana Moss (gotta love a 2-Skins start list...)
Sit: Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree, Vincent Jackson

Start: Owen Daniels, Jake Ballard, Jermichael Finley, Anthony Fasano
Sit: Jermaine Gresham, Heath Miller, Dustin Keller, Vernon Davis

Start: Lions, Bengals, Cardinals
Sit: Broncos, Chargers

Start: John Kasay, Stephen Gostkowski
Sit: Billy Cundiff


Anonymous said…
really?? - consensus is start rex grossman and sit mike vick? i understand the matchup all too well and i completely get recommending rex as a start but what "consensus" says sit vick? that's ridiculous. most sites including fftoday, espn, fftoolbox, rotoworld, yahoo etc (except CBS) have vick ranked higher than rex so what is this alleged consensus? your site is great at providing links - the moment you try your own content it's nonsense. you call this consensus wisdom? i can see rex having a better week - but saying to sit Vick? that's just ridiculous dude...
Anonymous said…
^ I don't think you understand how this list works.
Nick said…
So here's my dilemma. The two QBs on my roster are Cam Newton and Tim Tebow. (This is not because I live in Charlotte and have been a Broncos fan for the past 25 or so years. It just worked out that way. Seriously.) Tim is, as you've pointed out, on many Start lists this week, and he's facing a Pats D that gives up a lot of fantasy points to opposing QBs. Cam is going up against the Texans, who have the second stingiest D for fantasy QB points. Is this reason enough to bench Newton for Tebow? Cam is one of the big reasons I went 12 - 2 this season, and my gut says to dance with the one that brought me here. My brain, however, isn't convinced. What do you think?

To the anonymous first comment: since this is compiled from start/sit lists and not rankings, it really doesn't matter how many sites have Vick rated higher than Grossman. Lots of sites only feature a few players on their sit/start lists, the ones they think are likely to do better (or worse) than the conventional wisdom. Sometimes players are close to showing up on both sides of the list. Just the way it is.
Anonymous said…
ummm - i wrote the original rant about the stupid advice to sit mike vick...and someone says i don;t understand how this list works- - -ok then - in what world do you recommend sitting Mike Vick against anyone? i wish I had 11 of you in my fantasy league if you think recommending to sit a healthy Mike Vick is good advice...
Anonymous said…
I went to the week 15 start/sit list links on your site...the first 12 said nothing about sitting vick...then finally - the NY Times (??) said it was an "unfavorable" match up for Vick...1 out of the last 13 you Start/Sit links you listed...So What is Consensus??? Those top 12 included all the real fantasy sites...I also checked FF Today and FF toolbox - neither recommended sit Vick last week. So that's 1 out of 15 - the 1 (NYTimes)didn't even suggest sit vick - just his match up is unfavorable. So you have another 15+ sites that recommended sitting Vick... present them to me rather than try to defend this nonsense...
Kevin (Mercury) said…
"Anonymous"... I wish you were in MY league...Talk about an easy win. If you simply rely on a must suck.

In my league...Vick's performance was nothing more than pedestrian.

In a TD heavy league, He does slightly better. There are hundreds of leagues with different scoring formats. Ill put up my stafford against your Vick any day. AND Im an eagles fan, which doesnt mean crap in fantasy land. This site doesn't write the articles, it provides links so that ALL the articles are located in one spot. If you don't like the site, PLEASE feel free to leave us who do alone with out having to hear the crying of someone who obviously lost last week. And I will GLADLY show you my team and I will LAY MONEY it decimated yours in any format... AND Im not afraid to list my name. You can find me in the forum at Bruno Boys.
Nick - would love to know who you ended up going with last week...Newton or Tebow??

Anon - I think most everyone has already said what I need to say except that if I have time I will pull a list of the sites that suggested sitting Vick (or felt that he was an unfavorable play since that's essentially what all experts are suggesting when they say sit anyway). From what I remember there were either 3 or 4 sites that had Vick on their sit list. Week to week it varies on how many votes get you a spot on this consensus list but 3 is about the minimum in order for me to list a name unless it's a DST or Kicker which are listed on fewer sites. Or if it's just a weird week where no experts can agree, then 3 could be sufficient. You're welcome to keep digging through the sites if you have the time but it's really not worth it. The whole point here isn't to blindly take the advice without thinking about your lineup, it's merely to give a sense of the consensus thoughts on start/sit lists. Not rankings. Not the weekly all stars, merely start/sit lists. Hope it has served you well this season.

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