Monday, December 10, 2007

AP1 and Looking Ahead to Week 15

Wow, do you think the SF corners realize that they singlehandedly may have destroyed fantasy seasons left and right? Are you sitting here wondering what on earth happened to Adrian Peterson yesterday? Check out the Star Tribune's article for AP1's comments on how well the 49ers' D shut down his running game. And if you're interested in the latest on Joseph Addai, it should be noted that he has been playing with a fractured bone in his chest. The man was a TD machine last night but his yardage was in line with expectations. For other highlights from yesterday's games, check out the FF Geek Blog's Sunday Wrap-up: B. Marshall breaks out! or FFXtreme's Week 14 Disasters.

Hopefully many of you are still in the hunt for either a chance to play in the playoffs, or just to make it to the next round. Personally, I need big things from Colston tonight in order to secure a spot in the playoffs for my third league. While I'm all set for the playoffs in 2 other leagues, I did not win in either of those matchups - they might be meaningless but I still don't like to lose.

So the FF Goat wisely points out that if you've reached this point of the season, you likely might not need waiver wire help. But it's some food for thought at the very read on!

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Anonymous said...

I agree on the calls on picking up Cutler, A. Gonzalez, Reggie Williams, J. Urban, Gado. I'd also add Nate Burleson as he's probably available in smaller leagues. It'll be interesting to see if Chatman plays this week.

Regardless of how well the Niners shut down AP1 and the performance of C. Taylor yesterday, is anyone really going to sit AP1 (or not feel good still about having him in your lineup)? I can't imagine anyone doing that. He's got you here and he's a stud, you have to start him in week 15.

- Freddie