Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghouls? Goblins? Nope, it's Start/Sit, baby!

Happy Halloween, my fantasy fiends. I've got two little monsters ready to trick-or-treat tonight and the eldest is surely gunning for a bucket FULL of candy. I'm less high on the whole daylight savings thing since my boys are early risers as is. But at least it comes with a day full of football, right? Read on for guest writer Steve's take on start/sits this week as well as the consensus start/sit players. Enjoy!

First and foremost: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Halloween is easily my favorite holiday; I have loved it since I was a kid. Here’s hoping your Week 9 starts out with a great day/night, however you may be celebrating.

Time for some shameless self-promotion. Last week I wrote that the 3 big waiver wire RBs were nothing more than straw men to make you feel better about your underperforming team. Since I am HUGE on accountability (any fantasy site/writer that doesn’t show you whether they were wrong or not on a big claim should not be weighted the same as one that is transparent), let’s see how right I was. Hint: I won’t be buying you any drinks. I will still be buying them for myself, however.

Bryce Brown – 7 rushes for 15 rush yards, 3 targets, 0 receptions, 0 TDs, 1.5 points
Denard Robinson – 18 rushes for 108 yards, 2 targets, 1 reception for 10 yards, 0Tds, 10.8 points (12.8 PPR)
Tre Mason – 7 rushes for 32 yards, 1 target, 1 reception for 1 yard, 0 TDs, 3.3 points (4.3 PPR)

Like Meat Loaf said… 2 outta 3 ain’t bad. Robinson clearly got the volume, and made it work at 6 YPC, so I have to say he’s probably worth starting the next 2 weeks against the Bengals and Cowboys before his Week 11 bye. The other two… you’re bolder than me if you’re rolling with them in your lineups. Or more desperate.

BYES: Falcons, Bills, Bears, Lions, Packers, Titans. Whew. There’s going to be a lot of Frankenrosters out there this week (Halloween puns; we’re doin ‘em!). On to the linkage!

Roto Arcade’s Flames and Lames

Bruno Boys Start & Sit (again with the pages...this one goes to WR Start)

FF Toolbox Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em

Consensus guys:

QB Start: Eli Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith, Russel Wilson

QB Sit: Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, Joe Flacco

RB Start: Bobby Rainey, Marshawn Lynch, Ahmad Bradshaw

RB Sit: Tre Mason, Brendan Oliver, Darren McFadden, Chris Ivory, Jerrick McKinnon

WR Start: Deandre Hopkins, Terrence Williams, Brandon LaFell

WR Sit: Percy Harvin, Julian Edelman Allen Robinson

TE Start: Travis Kelce, Larry Donnell

TE Sit: Charles Clay, Heath Miller

If you need advice on Kickers or D/ST, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to Bob’s posts. After last week’s showing, you might want to listen to what he has to say.

Happy Trick-or-Treating, Happy Daylight Savings Time, happy November, and Happy Week 9.

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