Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week 10 Starts and Sits, Rankings, and More

So my son loves to troll me about my favorite football teams. Basically he pulls for whichever team my favorite team is playing against....unless it's a total blowout and obvious that my team is going to win; he likes a winner. Then he hops on the family bandwagon and pulls for the Broncos or Northwestern. But the vast majority of times, he's pulling against my teams. Even when it actually has nothing to do with football. For example, this morning as he was eating his breakfast, he divided it in half and said, "mommy, this half is Northwestern and this half is Tennessee - who do you think I'll finish first?" I play along and pretend like there's a chance in hell that Northwestern might "win" the breakfast competition and he laughs maniacally and gobbles down the Tennessee half. What just happened? It's amazingly effective at getting to me; how does a 5-year-old know how to do this?? The problem is, part of me finds it endearing and hey, he needs to eat his breakfast so...but still. STILL. My darling little troll.

Anyway, here's hoping your guys are winning everywhere and to help you out with that, let's get to this week's content:

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