Monday, November 02, 2015

Ease into your Monday with fantasy links

What a weekend. Turns out I kind of love Halloween. Our oldest (the picky eater) tried a Kit Kat for the first time ("this is amazing, have you tried this before, Mommy? It tastes just like candy!") and our youngest melted my heart with his repeated use of "thank you" all night long. Of course the night ended in total chaos with our sugared-up, naked, overly-exhausted kids running around the house, but hey, good times. And I can't stop liking photos on Facebook of all my friends' kids and dogs dressed up and gleefully enjoying this tradition. But that said, I could really use a long, tropical vacation right about now. I'm pretty sure the best thing that one spouse can do for another when there are young children around, is to provide an opportunity for sleeping in. I had no idea that I had this deep and abiding love for sleeping in until it became such a rare commodity. So my husband wins some sort of award for swooping the boys up on Sunday morning and taking them out for a daylight savings time breakfast (at a painfully early hour) while I slept in. The day just kept getting better as several fun games played out in the NFL and the Broncos D once again dominated.

The day was filled with some mighty fantasy performances. Pretty sure my sister is sitting around, cackling with joy at her good fortune of having Drew Brees, Demaryius Thomas, Rob Gronkowski, and Justin Tucker (pretty sure we could be friends in real life, btw) among others on her team. If you're having a hard time getting going this morning and are looking for a little football talk to ease into the day, then I have a few links for you....