Thursday, February 19, 2009

From team needs in 2009 to free agency updates

Before I get into today's links I just wanted to tell you guys how great you are. I've been talking about my impending move to the east coast here a bit and have heard from several of you offering to be a resource for either NYC or DC, or just giving me your thoughts on why you like one of those cities. I'll have to coordinate some sort of FFLibrarian Happy Hour in whichever city we end up in so that I can personally thank you all, but until then your kindness is much appreciated.

  • has taken a look at each division to see what kind of players might be targeted during the draft and trades: Team Needs: AFC West, AFC East, NFC East, NFC North, and more to come.
  • With the Combine ramping up over the next few days, take a look at's NFL Combine schedule to figure out which activities you might want to pay attention to this weekend.
  • I've been meaning to link to this for a little while now - the Fantasy Sports Writers Association has awarded their annual fantasy sports writing awards and here are the 2008 winners.
  • The Mac Bros have posted a calendar with all the important dates and deadlines for the NFL - very helpful stuff in case you're wondering about the franchise tag deadline (tomorrow) or the Hall of Fame Game (August 9th) and everything in between.
  • Wondering how to handle some of the 2009 breakout players? SportsBuff has you covered with analysis on what to do with some of last season's Breakout QBs and Breakout RBs.
  • Lester's Legends is continuing the Offseason Analysis on all 32 teams - recent posts include the Rams and Seahawks but scroll through the site to find more.
  • Keep track of free agency moves with FFToday's handy chart noting all free agent moves by position.


Anonymous said...

If you come to DC, take a look at the Smithsonian for library jobs. One of my neighbors is a librarian there and she loves it. I'd be happy to put you in touch with her to swap info on library jobs. Speaking of libraries, someone recently forwarded this "library link" to me, and I thought it was cool:

Anonymous said...

If you like stats and fantasy football then check out this mmorpg/fantasy football site - Goal Line Blitz: