Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 IDP updates and other fantasy links

As I noted last week, my husband and I are moving this summer and we now have our future home narrowed down to either Washington, D.C., or New York City. We won't know where we're headed for sure for another month or so but I'm already starting to think about life as an NFL fan from the eastern time zone. Gotta be honest, I love watching games from the mountain time zone; the games start at an ideal 11 am and are over at a reasonable time of night. Not so on the east coast. This could be a big shift for me...

I've been promising an update on my analysis of expert rankings and have fallen behind a bit. I really am hoping that this will be the week that I can pull that info together and analyze some new sites, so stay tuned on that front.

Today I've got some IDP-rich links for you and news from around the league...

  • Probably my favorite IDP writer, Matt Schauf, has an article up with 2009 IDP Sleepers for the NFC East - and future installments of IDP sleepers are on their way.
  • Another frequent IDP stop for me is FFManiaxs, which has a nice What the "3-4" defense means to the IDP owner article up.
  • In Lynch's career hits pause, Rotoworld takes a look at the recent news of Marshawn Lynch's arrest on charges of possessing a concealed firearm and its impact on both Lynch's fantasy value and the potential rise of Fred Jackson.
  • Also in the NFL-players-who-are-in-trouble-with-the-police column comes a bizarre story about Jeff Reed's anger over a Sheetz bathroom lacking paper towels. What?! I mean seriously, Jeff Reed, have you never experienced an inadequate public restroom before? I say count your blessings that you weren't peed on like Matt Cassel.
  • If you'd like to bone up on your sports stats/economic modeling/theory reading during the offseason, look no further than Advanced NFL Stats' Reading List.
  • The NFL Combine is just a few days away and I'm sure draft conjectures are sure to change with new 40 times and other combine stats in the books, but if you're a Chiefs fan or just curious about their 3rd overall pick, take a look at KFFL's NFL Draft Grapevine to see what the experts are thinking.

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