Monday, February 23, 2009

Combine winding down

Today I would like to discuss the beauty of a Colorado winter. Sure, some days walking to the bus stop is a miserable, windy, snowy experience but then there are weeks like this one where the high every day will be right around 60. Awesomeness. Apparently I'm not much of a winter person. That whole sun and warm temperatures thing has a way of winning me over. I chatted up my grandparents yesterday who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and they were in the midst of yet another snowstorm. Michiganders, I think it's time you consider moving to Colorado. Yes I realize there's nothing like a summer in Michigan but sadly there's also nothing quite like a winter in Michigan. Except maybe a winter in Buffalo.

Lots of NFL Combine news to catch up on - take a look at the following links for Combine news and beyond:

  • Fifth Down's Biggest Loser at Combine, and it's not Crabtree has some nice updates both on incoming rookies and oldies but goodies like Marvin Harrison. And speaking of Harrison, see what ESPN has to say in Harrison's career in Indy may be ending.
  • If you'd like all the nitty-gritty details on the Combine, take a look at FFToolbox's impressive results page - this link will take you to quarterbacks but you can link to all other positions from this page as well.
  • If it's a player profile you're in the market for with these rooks, brings you's profiles, divided up by position - my favorite element here is the NFL comparison feature.
  • I finally finished a 10-round mock draft and my roster is as follows:
    • QB: Aaron Rodgers (5.04)
    • RB: DeAngelo Williams (1.04), Chris Johnson (2.07), Jonathan Stewart (6.07), Derrick Ward (8.07)
    • WR: Brandon Marshall (3.04), Wes Welker (4.07), DeSean Jackson (7.04), Donald Driver (9.04)
    • TE: Greg Olsen (10.07)
  • I debated pretty heavily between Greg Olsen and Kellen Winslow at that TE spot but ultimately went with the team that I trust a little bit more to have their act together. To read up on keeper thoughts for TEs though, take a look at ProFantasySports' Keepers - TEs. I do love Brent Celek in 2009. Let me say it again: I love the Brent Celek potential.


Lester's Legends said...

Real solid squad.

Unknown said...

i'll admit it... i have a man crush on Welker. he is by far my favorite player in the NFL and if Harrison leaves, Gonzo would be the only one to supplant him! oh and i think your team rocks, rogers is a great QB who will just get better and while i don't much like marshal with cutler throwing to him he should be awesome. passing on Winslow is a tough one for me, especially for olsen... but that may just be the homer in me :) great picks ! (Johnson is a steal!)

Anonymous said...

Glad the weather will be nice in Boulder.