Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Super Bowl Day!

I've decided there are few things worse than a laptop malfunction, which is exactly what I've been battling with for the past several days, hence the lack of blog posts. Thanks to the invasion of a stubborn virus, I've been slowly trying to grab things off of my dying laptop in 5 minute spurts before the laptop crashes yet again. Fun times here. But really, I should be wishing you all the merriest of Super Bowl Days! It's like a national holiday for me and I'm gearing up for the Super Bowl party circuit later this afternoon.

The celebrations actually started for me last night as I went to one of my closest friend's 30th birthday party. The party included a white elephant gift exchange and you all are about to be really jealous when you hear what I took home...a Snuggie. The blanket with sleeves. I am currently staring at the blue mass of fleece that's sprawled all over a chair in my house. In fact it's so massive there's hardly chair visible and my cat might even be hidden in there somewhere; this Snuggie thing is unbelievable (just can't decide if it's unbelievably good or unbelievably bad) and I feel a mix of happiness and embarrassment at owning such an item. It might come to my Super Bowl parties with me today.

Anyway, moving on to the top fantasy football sites at predicting wide receivers for the 2008 here are the Top 5 sites for WRs - and remember, the rest of all the top 10 lists will be posted on the NY Times' Fifth Down later this week.

  1. Fantasy Football Trader

  2. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

  3. Fantasy Football Nerd

  4. Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games


Then a few links for today:

  • FFManiaxs' rankings for 2009 kickers and defenses are up - take a look for those in dynasty leagues or just those of you who are doing your 2009 homework already (and a hearty well done to you!).
  • Gregg Rosenthal's blog Pancake Blocks has been updated several times with all sorts of Tampa news. Read up.
  • And finally, Accuscore took a stab at determining which Super Bowl player is the most valuable - Warner vs Roethlisberger and Ward vs Fitzgerald.

Enjoy the game today!!

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Anonymous said...

Girl, Happy Super Bowl day to you 2..from a non fantasy standpoint..GO ZONA!!!!