Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week 11: Start or Sit?

Start or Sit Day is here! And my MNF countdown is now at 4 days - can't wait. If I could blog from the game, I certainly would. But there's lots of ground to cover before then so let's get right to the start/sit links for this week:

Tomorrow I will bring you my consensus start/sits and all other sorts of Friday fun.
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Unknown said...

A)Watch what you say about Miami

B) I'm fighting for my playoff life this week. Who starts -- Barber or Rudi J?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Dan revised his comment to:
I revise that, can start 3 out of these 5 -- Addai, Rudi J, Earnest G, Barber, Ryan Grant.

Hi Dan,
I picked up John Beck on a whim for my dynasty league - do I earn some points back in the Miami camp? My uncle is a huge Dolphins fan, too, so I suppose I should watch what I say about Miami now...

Anyway, good to hear from you. I'd go with Addai, Marion Barber and Ryan Grant. Rudi Johnson has a good matchup, I know, but I have lost faith in his ability to move the ball...really at all.

Hope that helps get you to the playoffs, Dan, and hope all is well in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think has the better matchup this week, Warrick Dunn or Maurice Morris? Beyond that, which do you think has the better chance of holding onto their starting job down the stretch?

Great website, by the way.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

If Shaun Alexander doesn't play this week, then I think Morris is the better play over Dunn. Long term though? Man, neither one is all that appealing. Do you mean past this season? Dunn is in his 11th year, I think, and Morris just doesn't seem to have that extra juice that a #1 RB needs. Or do you mean later this season?

Anonymous said...

I just meant through the end of the season (weeks 14-16). I know they're both bottom-of-the-barrel, but I was just considering each as a potential 5th RB (after Addai, Barber, LenDale, and Ryan Grant). I would have liked to have added Earnest Graham (great playoff schedule), but he was already picked up.

Anonymous said...

I need two of these running backs. Either Frank Gore, Willis McGahee or Edgerrin James. Tell me which two.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I think I'd go with Gore and McGahee this week - but if Gore doesn't play this week (though he should!), the Edge is a great substitute this week. I know there are some Gore naysayers but he's still got the skills and his performance against the Rams earlier this season was great...something to keep in mind.