Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 13 Prep

This was a bit of a hit or miss week for me in terms of advice, like thinking that Chris Henry would be a better start than Chad Johnson. Wrong, completely wrong. Hopefully none of you actually listened to any of my advice except for those Gore owners out there. stubborn instance that Frank Gore would have a big game paid off. And part of the reason Gore's performance this week brings me such pleasure is that it was the icing on the cake in my matchup against my nemesis - nemesis, if you're reading this, I actually thought you might win this week what with LT, Andre Johnson, DJ Hackett and the Bears D on your team...but it just so happens that my team is too awesome for that. Romo, Gore, Ryan Grant, Colston, even Tony Scheffler. Total. Domination. And for the second time this season, I have taken you down, nemesis...excellent (said in a Mr. Burns and his scheming fingers kind of voice). Good fight though.

Anyway, enough of my personal fantasy battles - a lot has happened this week, so read on for updates:

And if you're in the mood for some early waivers, read on:
  • FF Goat's Fantasy Football Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 13 - the Goat has added a new feature called "notable performances" for those players that played well this past week but that you probably shouldn't grab just yet. Patience, friends, patience.
  • FF Xtreme's Week 13: Players on the Rise/Decline - Smitty very wisely points out that we should all be looking at Kolby Smith's monster game with a bit of a reality check. Oakland's run D is awful. And whenever a man named Smitty gives me advice, I listen.
  • FootballDocs' Week 13 Pick Up/Drop Advice - yes Marc Bulger was injured again. Don't act surprised, we all saw that coming. For thoughts on playing Frerotte, read the Docs.
  • I'm not seeing the Bruno Boys' Work the Wire, the Waiver Wire article for Week 13 up just yet, but you'll want to check it out, so come back later for the updated link.
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Anonymous said...

Yahoo's pre-game fantasy show Sunday morining strongly recommended picking up Kolby Smith. I almost did, but instead stuck with Edge, hoping he'd finally have a break-out game. D'oh!