Friday, November 16, 2007

IDP Forecast: Week 11

Ah, IDPs. Who doesn't love a league with individual defenders? Read on for advice on which players you should have plugged into your lineup:

  • Fantasy Insider Online's Week 11 IDP Roundup - I think it gets better every week. Looking for a way to capitalize on that John Beck situation? Check out FIO to see who they recommend...and I do love seeing D.J. Williams' name on there.
  • CBS Sports' Witness for the Defense: Week 11 - a review of some IDP rookies and the Week 11 outlook for some of the regulars.
  • FFToolbox's Week 11: IDP Sleepers - I picked up Crowell a few weeks ago and have yet to be even the least bit disappointed in that move. FFToolbox wisely agrees.
  • FF Today's IDP Notes: Week 11 - I mean this guy goes way beyond just suggesting names, it's like reading a play-by-play for some of these IDPs. Well done.
  • I linked to this in one of the comment sections earlier this week, but try the FF Whiz's Wired up! IDP Style Week 11.
  • Where has The Hive gone? I miss The Hive - bring it back, Fantasy Sharks. Until then, we have Fantasy Sharks' Seadog Report, which while also very helpful, isn't the same as The Hive. What can I say, it's hard to see one of my favorites disappear mid-season...if it magically appears before Sunday, I'll try to update this link.

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