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Waiver Wire Thoughts for Week 11

Are you feeling the effects of Adrian Peterson's LCL damage? Or still trying to rebound from LJ or Shaun Alexander going down? With fantasy playoffs right around the corner, I know we're all eager to polish up our teams. So whether you're looking to secure your playoffs position - or you're just trying to dodge any further fantasy humiliation, take a look at some of the links below for thoughts on who might be available in your league:
  • FF Geek Blog's Waiver Wire Pickups, Keeper Sleepers and Spot Starts: Week 11 - waiver thoughts ranging from those players that are "mandatory pickups" to the real gambles. Well done as always.
  • Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: Taylor Made advises you to stay away from James Thrash and his newly injured leg.
  • NFLFreaks bring you Hot Waiver Wire Picks including Marshawn Lynch's backup, A-Train.
  • Sports Outlaw's Weekly Waiver Wire Moves - Week 11 - I'm starting to see a Brodie Croyle trend here...
  •'s Risers & fallers: Young, Chatman highlight risers - really more of a fantasy status update for a large group of players. I find this relatively interesting from a dynasty/keeper league standpoint, too. We're getting to the point in the season where I'm starting to think about grabbing some new free agent who is showing great potential for future years.
  • Check back with FanNation later today for their Waiver Tap link, which isn't up quite yet.
  • FF Toolbox's Week 11: Pickups of the Week - they rightly point out that it's only a matter of time before John Beck comes in as the Dolphins' QB, but my question is, do you really want to pick him up? The only NFL team without a win yet and you want their QB on your fantasy team? Didn't think so. Perhaps he'd be an intriguing dynasty selection, though.
  • FanProphet has redesigned his site - looking good, FP. Check out his Tuesday Wire Tap article up on Screaming Sports.
As always, more waiver wire thoughts to come tomorrow. And my MNF countdown is on: 6 more days until I'm cheering on the Broncos at Invesco.

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TC said…
Trade question for you... I've been offered Shaun Alexander and Rudi Johnson for Adrian Peterson. What would you do?
Jim Nguyen said…
a couple of strategy points:

1) this is the time of year for running backs, since it's getting cold. when in doubt, stash a RB on your bench over other positions because there's still some gold to potentially be had on the waiver wires. look at guys especially backing up brittle backs.

2) start looking at matchups in the weeks ahead. By now we know which offenses are good and which defenses give up a lot of points. If your team is on the playoff bubble, start focusing on winning THIS week. That might mean dropping a semi-stud you were hoping would come back from injury in favor of a player starting now with a good matchup.

3) don't forget about TE, K, and DEF positions. People overlook these positions a lot and there are a lot of points to be had from your waiver wire by playing matchups and trends.

- Freddie Footballer
GREAT points, Freddie. I should start consulting with you weekly.

TC, personally I would not take the trade. I have very little faith left in Shaun Alexander and Rudi Johnson has hardly been Mr. Consistent this season. I know Rudi thinks his hamstring is better but I'm not convinced he's the guy you want to lean on at the end of the season. I would hang onto AP since we don't know for sure how many weeks he'll be out and he's just so much better than Alexander or Johnson - but ultimately this decision really depends on who else you have at RB to fill in for AP. I think there are a lot of RBs out there that will suffice just as well if not better than either Alexander or Johnson. That's my two cents - other opinions out there?
TC said…

Thanks, you rock! I was kind of thinking the same thing, but at the back of my mind, I'm thinking that Adrian is done for the fantasy football season... I think the team is hiding his injury so that teams still have to prepare for him as if he'll possibly be there. And even if he does come back, will he perform on that kind of injury? Alexander and Johnson would be better than what I could get off the wire at this point.

I have to agree though, its a risky move, and probably not one I'll make. Let's hope Adrian's injury turns out to be MUCH smaller than anticipated.
I read that AP woke up on Monday without any swelling in his knee, always a good sign. Also, Favre had an LCL tear in 2002 and didn't even miss a start - so I think there's hope that AP won't be out long. But I defer to those with actual medical knowledge!
Anonymous said…
Unrelated IDP question:

I'm thinking of dropping Nick Barnett for Gary Brackett. Right now, they're about even, but with the injury to Dwight Freeney, I'm wondering if Brackett's tackle totals will increase as a result. In general, what are useful indicators are there for projecting LB performance? Simply facing a run-heavy team?
Highlander said…
Pick up Brackett. The most important indicator is matchups- run first teams, time of posession, etc. Also, defensive scheme is important- look what happened to Vilma when Jets went to a 3-4.
Check out Fantasy Football Whiz, they even have an IDP waver wire.
I have Rocky McIntosh but I think he's playing injured, I might pickup Mike Peterson.
I also have Sims, Dansby and the new stud David Harris
Here's a link to the FF Whiz's IDP Waiver Wire article - thanks for the info, Highlander.
Anonymous said…
I have 4 WR's but I can only start 3 of them. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me which 3. I have:

Plaxico Burress
Reggie Wayne
Wes Welker
D.J. Hackett

Anonymous said…
I can only start one more person at offensive player. Who should I start?

Chris Chambers
Javon Walker
Shaun Alexander
Donovan McNabb
I'd go with Hackett, Wayne and Welker at WR and for the other offensive player, I'd go with Chris Chambers. With injuries/uncertainties for everyone else, I think it's too risky to start anyone BUT Chambers.
Anonymous said…
Which RB would you rather start?

Edgerrin James
Ron Dayne

Anonymous said…
Who would you rather start at RB? Please pick one.
Kolby Smith
Earnest Graham
Cedric Benson
Selvin Young

Between the Edge and Ron Dayne I'd go with the Edge. They both have stellar matchups, but I just have a little more faith in the Edge getting it done against the niners' 24th ranked run defense. Plus, he's got a fantastic nickname - what does Ron Dayne have??

As for the next set of RBs, Kolby Smith against Oakland makes me drool. And that's pretty much only because it's Oakland. Kolby Smith in any other format would not warrant a start...and I still hesitate to give him the nod here based on the lack of Kolby Smith knowledge we have. So if you're not really the gambling type, then I think Earnest Graham would be a great bet (as long as he's playing) but I wouldn't count on either Benson or Young this week.
Anonymous said…
Sorry but you are terrible. I asked you two times who i should start. And you told me the wrong person twice. And its not like it is only 1 point separtaing them its 15 or over. Maybe it is just a bad call and unluckly but i dont know.
Wow, anon, sorry you feel that way. I'd love to know which two guys I suggested that were a mistake. I have to say though that if I was 100% correct all the time I'd be living in a palace on my Vegas earnings. Feel free to ask me for advice again and pick the guy I don't recommend.

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