Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Put on your wizard hat and cheat sheet it up

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. The hate mostly revolves around the heat and humidity, which thankfully are headed down a bit here in Tennessee for a few days. And mosquitoes. My sweet flesh doesn't exactly withstand bugs very well. But the love list is much longer and probably is made up largely of fruits that are in season this time of year. Seriously, I know this makes me sound like a crazy lady who loves talking about weather and produce (kind of true), but my love for peaches knows no bounds. Plus today I procured a quart of blackberries and was waltzing around like I'd won my fantasy league.

Anyway, moving on from one delicious topic to another: cheat sheets. So one of my favorite site, FantasyPros.com, has created an awesome new site called Cheat Sheet Wizard. It combines the coolness of their customizable consensus rankings with the ability to easily make a cheat sheet, participate in mocks using your cheat sheet, etc. The best part though? It syncs with a handful of drafting platforms so that when you're live drafting, your cheat sheet is also updating. Love that part. The basic offerings of the Cheat Sheet Wizard are free but the extra bells and whistles are not (full disclosure, the link I'm offering you here will give me a kickback for any purchases of the product; I don't do this sort of thing very often at all so that should show you how much I love what FantasyPros.com is offering).

Lots of other links to get to:

  • Speaking of cheat sheets, Fleaflicker has their Cheat Sheet up and running and word has it they update it daily.
  • Some fantasy footballers out there put stock in players putting their best foot forward when they're in the final year of their contract. For a look at 2012 Contract Year Players, see what FFToolbox.com dishes up.
  • Fantasy Football Nerd has a list of his Ten Players to Watch on Fantasy Draft Day, which is a list of players that offer significant bounce-back opportunity. 
  • DavidGonos.com offers us his 2012 Offensive Line Rankings with a nice, quick breakdown for each team.
  • I like Dynasty League Football's Quality Starts - Quarterbacks for an assessment of which QBs have been consistent in recent years, and then further analysis to see which have consistently produced at an elite level.
  • We all know the talk around 3rd year receivers and their breakout potential. 2MugsFF creates 4 tiers of players with a look at their ADP and the 2Mugs take in The Year Three WR: Breakout or Just Plain Broken?
  • If you need some convincing that Trent Richardson is the real deal, scope out Yahoo's lovefest in Trent Richardson's bark loud, bit vicious.
  • I love reading about players that experts are just really never ever going to add to their squad this season. I somehow find the "don'ts" more intriguing than the "dos" for the most part. So take a look at The Pigskin Guy's Don't Draft List and see how you feel about the 10ish guys he mentions.
  • Schedules aren't everything but they sure can provide a few answers when the start of a season is a lot of tougher (or easier) for our players than we'd hoped. Read up on Five teams that get breaks and five that don't from CBSSports.com.