Thursday, July 05, 2012

Get your rankings, sleepers and more

Here's hoping you all had a nice 4th of July. We spent a good chunk of time at the pool where a friend pointed out she had never seen our son laugh like he does in the water. Sounds like we've got a little dolphin on our hands.

I encountered a small hitch in my accuracy analysis so let's just say that I'll have something up in the next few weeks, though I hope it will be long before then. I should probably stop making promises about its delivery date and jump right to today's links:

  • Take a look at a couple of new rankings:
  • I've got several strategy type articles for you guys:
    • takes a look at 2 different drafting strategies for those drafting from the 8th pick spot, and which players you might want to target for the first six rounds in Plan by Position, Not by Player.
    • If you're in an auction league, you may want to take a look at's The Art of the Auction - I'm linking you to Part 4 since you can link over to Parts 1-3 from here. PFF asks a handful of experts for their take on some crucial auction questions.
  • reviews wide receivers from 2011 who really tanked during the second half of the season in Fading Heroes, as well as those who really picked up steam as the season went along in Late-Season Bloomers.
  • pulled together an interesting look at pass targets from 2011 to see how each team diversified their targets by position - Pass target distribution by position (2011).
  • Read up on reasons to like Lance Kendricks, Doug Baldwin, Jeremy Kerley, Rob Housler, and Daniel Thomas in's Second Year/Second Tier Fantasy Gems for 2012.
  • Finally, has The Top 13 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools You Must Use. You'll see a lot of familiar resources here if you're a long-time reader but I love having these calculators, charts, and other tools all listed in one place.


Peter said...

Amazing, awesome, useful links! Thank you! Your blog really gets my fantasy gears turning every year.

Know what I would love to see? Who projected stats the best last year (may the last few years) out of the 4 main projection guys over at footballguys(dot)com. Dodds, Henry, Woods and Tremblay all have my great respect, but there are a few players they seem to disagree on by more than a little bit.

For example, Andrew Luck ranges from QB14 to QB25. I'm in a 12 team, 2QB league. Do I take Luck? FootballGuys is split, but I want to know which decision the more accurate guys are making.

Just an idea! Thanks!

(If you've got the individual guys' projections saved from years past and you want to send 'em to me, I could crunch that for you)

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