Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

Greetings from the Las Vegas airport where I'm waiting on my delayed flight to get back home to New York after another great Fantasy Sports Trade Association conference. The delay would be a bummer but frankly I'm happily working away on a fully charged laptop with free wifi - and listening to the sweet sounds of slot machines. Heavy sarcasm on the "sweet" there...let's just say I'd go crazy if I worked in a casino all day, every day.

So I had a wonderful time meeting some of the brilliant fantasy minds behind all of the the links that I send you to - many thanks to the guys (and yes, it was about 98% male, big surprise) that kept me company throughout the conference. I've been toying with coming up with superlatives for all of the folks I hung out with there - Most Entertaining, Biggest Character, Dude I Was Most Excited to Meet, etc - but there were just too many top notch guys there to narrow the field.

Also I would be remiss if I didn't note the fact that I'm on a lucky streak right now...not only did I win that trip to the Super Bowl but at the FSTA conference I won a football signed by 30 Hall of Famers at this past year's HOF weekend. Crazy lucky, my friends. So a big hearty thanks to Yesteryear Fantasy Football for that great prize.

Now finally we can get to today's links:

  •'s Draft Day 2009 - Lessons Learned does a nice job of summing up some of the draft strategies that you might have employed last summer, and assessing what you might want to focus on for 2010.
  • is doing a great job with their in-depth analysis and I dig their detailed look back at some of the season's flops that might be acquired at a good value next year in Flops to Tops.
  • Lester's Legends is cranking out their early 2010 rankings - take a look at the top 25 RBs.
  • Read why FFManiaxs think Steven Jackson will be a top 5 back in 2010 - agree? Disagree?
  • Since I will soon be a librarian based in an art museum in NYC, it only seems appropriate that I link out to this amusing back-and-forth between the Indy and New Orleans art museum directors (kudos to Football Outsiders for that link). Fine art is hanging in the balance of this game, my friends. 
  • I learned about an awesome add-on that has been around for a little while - but it's for FFers who are in multiple leagues, play several different fantasy sports, or just those of us who could use all the extra research help we can get: Pick 'em First. Check it out but basically it uses a nice little icon to help you identify which players are available in your leagues (or on your own team) when you're on your favorite FF websites scoping out news, injury updates, start/sit, etc. Good stuff.
Finally, take a look at the Fifth Down tomorrow for the results of my annual accuracy challenge - I'll be back talking about it in depth here on the blog for the next several days, weeks, months, however long it takes me to cover it all. If you're desperate to know who was #1 with their preseason rankings this year before tomorrow's post with all the details on the Fifth Down, scope out's write-up.

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Thanks for the link to art bet. I really enjoy when you add football related stories that are off the beaten path.