Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Day FF links

Just a quick post for you all today - I've got a coffee date with my sister soon (love it when my family is free to meet up on holiday weekdays!) but I have some good news to note: I have a job! Starting next month after I'm back from the Super Bowl trip, I'll be starting a part-time job working as a librarian at an art museum here in NYC. I'm really pleased and am excited that it will still give me plenty of time to work on the blog. Here's to employment!

So let's jump right into today's links:


jnb said...

congrats, ffl! so glad i check here to get life updates every once in a while...and of course ff advice too.

Ryan said...

Morning Sara,

Any idea what's going on with your Broncos? Why is their DC Mike Nolan leaving town, according this Yahoo Shutdown story-->

One would think the improved defense, would want Josh McDaniels to do everything possible to keep Nolan in Denver. Guess not.