Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Multi-year results for accuracy with RB rankings

Today we're going to take a look at the multi-year accuracy analysis for running backs. If you need a refresher on what exactly the multi-year analysis is all about, take a look back at my first post last week that looked at QBs. The primary thing to keep in mind here is that the number listed under average on the far right is the average percentile ranking for each site for their participation, and the lower the number, the better a site is at rankings as compared to their peers. Some of the 54 sites I looked at have been in it for 3 years, others only 2 or even 1. As with the other positions I've divided them up into the top sites based on length of participation.

Later this week I'll be posting the results for top overall accuracy across all 4 positions, so stay tuned for that. One thing I'd like to point out here is the best average percentile difference between the positions. I'm looking primarily at those sites who have been in it for 3 years since they have the most data we can go on can take this all in yourselves but just a quick snapshot to show you what I mean - the best site for QBs (Ask the Commish) had a 30th percentile average; for WRs (Rotoworld) it was a 29th percentile average; TEs (Ask the Commish again), another 29th percentile average...but here with the RBs (another Rotoworld victory) it's significantly higher at a 38th percentile average. Interesting. Anyway, without further ado...

Sites with 3 years of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 Rotoworld 0.38
2 Sports Illustrated 0.43
3 Yahoo! 0.48
3 ESPN 0.48
5 FFToolbox 0.50

Sites with 2 years of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 KFFL 0.05
2 Fantazzle 0.26
3 Pigskin Addiction 0.28
4 FFToday 0.32
5 Fantasy Hulks 0.33

Sites with 1 year of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 Draft Analyzer Ultimate 0.02
2 Numbers & Guts 0.04
3 Accuscore 0.10

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. It's nice to see how these "experts" actually faired in relation to one another.