Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking for your feedback

It's possible that I just walked into a scene from that show The Apprentice; is that show even on anymore? I was running an errand in midtown NYC and encountered a significant mob surrounding a dude with free pizza selling pedicab rides being filmed by a rather extensive tv crew. I've never actually seen the show but the buzz on the street corner was that this was The Apprentice or something akin to it. Look for a pregnant lady with an annoyed-by-the-tourist-mob expression when it airs: that's me. So NY of me, right?

So I disappeared for a week and thought in return I'd hit you with back-to-back posts as a taste of what's to come once the season really gets cranking. Without further ado, today's links:

  • If you'd like someone to debate all the pros and cons of the elite WRs on the scene, then head on over to FantasySharks.com and see which guys they cover in Top 6 WR Pros & Cons
  • Wondering which guys are going to bounce back from tough 2009 seasons for a mighty 2010? FFToolbox.com lists a handful of Comeback Candidates including names that I'm seeing everywhere (Jay Cutler, Calvin Johnson) and a few other once studs like Turner the Burner and Greg Jennings. Read on to find out the others with big 2010 potential. 
  • I love most everything that Football Outsiders posts and their Offensive Drop Rate was pretty entertaining really. Take a look at which players with a minimum of 30 targets have the best and worst hands in the league. Interesting to note the presence of multiple Giants and multiple Chiefs.
  • Rotoworld's Evan Silva is chronicling his ongoing PPR industry mock draft - I wouldn't call it lightning fast or anything, but it's enlightening to see the picks and read Silva's commentary of course. There are also 15 pages of comments...soooo...if you're having a slow day at work, head on over and add your voice.
While you noodle on the fantasy football world in mid-June (and I love you all for doing that), I'd also love for you to think about what you'd really like to see from this site this year. I've got a couple things in the works, including bringing in some of my first real contributors with FF analysis (particularly of a stats nature) in addition to my normal link fest, but if there's anything you're dying to see this summer or fall, let me know. E-mail me, leave a comment, smoke signal it my way, whatever works for you.

Also, I've heard from a handful of you that are looking for a comparison of different hosting platforms (Yahoo, CBS, MyFantasyLeague, etc) and while I certainly have my opinions, I'd sort of like to open it up to you all. Send me your comments about your favorite host site by June 25th and I'll pull together a synopsis and post it up here by the end of the month.


Sean said...

Do you do Fantasy football keeper league advise?

potlicker said...

I love this blog, it's pretty much the only one I use for my knowledge. you take the best of the rest and post it on your site. It would be interesting to hear more of what YOU think about certain situations. i always like waiver wire talk. but they always talk about the obvious guys... i want to be a week ahead! pick up the rookie/no name that's trending up before he has his big game. That's the stuff I'm looking for! you gotta make at least one of those kind of moves to win a championship in a competitive league...