Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happenings in the Fantasy Biz

While most of my sports world news today is filled with talk about the need for replay challenges in baseball, there is of course other news...on the fantasy front, The Big Lead has found a buyer in Fantasy Sports Ventures for 7 figures. Yes, 7 figures. Gives hope to all those one-(wo)man shows and small sites that one day they might at least be worth a little more than they imagined...but do note Jason McIntyre's quote here about the sacrifices he made. In other acquisition news, (the host of the monster FFLibrarian League) has acquired

But let's be honest, you're probably not here for the latest fantasy biz news (though if that's your bag, swing by or FantasyEthos for more), you're really here for analysis, rankings, insight. So let's get to it!

  • We've got a couple of resources looking at sleeper or late pick receivers:
    •'s Super Sleeper Receivers - you'll probably recognize at least most of these names. Interesting stuff.
    • Rotoworld's mock draft analysis looks at Receiver Fliers, or guys snagged between rounds 11 and 15.
  • Check out the eight tiers of IDP goodness at the IDP Guru's 2010 IDP Rankings - Linebackers (Dynasty).
  • My buddies at did a 4-round all-rookie draft recently, so if your keeper league is doing something similar soon, definitely take a look at the results. 
  • It's never too early to start thinking about the 2010 fantasy playoffs - while there is likely plenty of change on the defensive scene that will reveal itself in the first few weeks of the season,'s Drafting for the Playoffs: RB is a great launching point. And hey speaking of the Toolbox, if you're in school and are looking for a summer internship still, have a gander at's opportunities.
  • There's a reason we all love Wes Welker - or at least most of us and that includes my sister who probably knows who maybe 10 NFL players are total. The dude is just scrappy; he gets after it. So it should be no surprise that he's back on the field and rumors are swirling that he might just be ready for Week 1. 
  • Let's keep up the Pats talk and help stir the pot a bit while we're at it: ProFootballTalk reports on the "Growing sense of disconnect" between Pats, Tom Brady
  • RapidDraft continues the team analysis with Team Breakdown: Arizona Cardinals. Reminded me, among other things, that Jay Feely is their kicker; kind of forgot all about Feely...
  •'s 2010 fantasy football rankings by position are up! This link takes you to QBs, but all other basic FF positions are linked off this page.

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Fantasy Knuckleheads said...

TheBigLead got the big payout.. I needed that motivation, excellent news Sara.