Friday, May 29, 2009

Start spreading the news...

Well my fantasy football friends, it's finally official: I'm moving to New York City this summer. I've got lots to do before I move and I'll likely be in transit in early August (don't worry, the FF posts will keep on coming!) but the good news here is that barring a miracle I'll be jobless when I first arrive in New York meaning this blog will be overwhelmed by my posts. Seriously. I won't have anything to do other than explore NYC and post to the blog so prepare yourselves for lots of info. It should be awesome. I'm thinking of having some sort of FFLibrarian happy hour in the city once I've settled in but we'll see - one friend thinks that might just be a big nerdfest but I have more faith in you all.

To the links!

  • It's rare that you actually see a fantasy expert plead with the public to avoid drafting a player...but such is the case with Rotoworld and Visanthe Shiancoe in Shiancoe is a No-Go in '09. I should take a moment to note that Rotoworld/Pancake Blocks is doing an incredible job of keeping the relevant fantasy football content coming - without them I'd have a lot less interesting articles to link to, so show them a little gratitude I say and give 'em some traffic.
  • Fantasy Sharks has the first of three articles intended for keeper leagues - this time they take a look at Keeper League Top Quarterbacks that are most likely to be available in keeper leagues.
  • Sleeper talk: see why Rotoworld and Football Outsiders are digging Jerome Harrison so much this season.
  • Lester's Legends brings us the Rotoprofessor's Top 10 Fantasy Football RB Rankings.
  • Where to rank Tony Romo now that T.O. has left for Buffalo...see Fantasy Football Fools' article Without T.O., is Romo still an elite fantasy quarterback?
  • Sigh. This year the 30-year-old RB discussion kind of hits FFXtreme calls it, "the age of decline" is rapidly approaching for me with my 30th birthday just a week or two away. Frankly I can't believe that LT and I are the same age; leaves me with the feeling of a lot left to accomplish, no? Anyway, see what FFXtreme has pulled together in Thirty-Year-Old Running Backs: The Age of Decline.
All for now - enjoy the weekend!


Unknown said...

Worst Top Ten Fantasy Running Back picks that I've seen yet.
Clearly, this guy (Rotoprofessor)has no clue. Frank Gore and Ryan Grant ahead of Matt Forte? Well, everyone has an opinion, but I sure wouldn't ever follow this guy.

Jacob said...

Good luck with your move and thanks for the linkage. Does this mean you'll have to choose sides between the Giants and the Jets (while not forgetting the Broncos, of course)?

Anonymous said...

For fantasy football librarians, thirty is the age of ascent.


Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Good to hear feedback on the links, John, thanks. I like to make sure a variety of opinions are heard but ultimately it's primo content that I'm interested in providing.

Jacob, I guess I might have to pick a NY team but frankly it's all about the Broncos.

And Brian, I like your mindset. Age of ascent, here I come.

Unknown said...

congrats on the move! and you don't need to pick a NY team. plenty of transplants here that never adopt a new jersey team. and there is probably a Broncos bar or two.

The Jackal said...

please provide details asap on the nerdf....i mean cocktail hour. there is also a D&D convention in NY in August and I can't be in two places at once. live long and prosper!!!!!