Wednesday, May 06, 2009

McNabb and Ryan will be Top 5 fantasy QBs

What's happenin' football fans? It's a beautiful day here in Boulder, my family is flying in for a long weekend and I'm about to take about 5 days of vacation to see my family and then head to Moab, Utah for a few days...what could be better? How about a few football links?

  • Rookie IDP analysis - love it. Can you tell I'm a sucker for basically anything that has to do with IDPs? There just isn't enough IDP analysis out there - this one comes from FFManiaxs in Fantasy Impact of 2009 Rookie IDPs.
  • Brett Favre, I don't even know what to say about you...
  • When you put your mind to it, there are all sorts of nerdy things you can do with fantasy stats - I'm pleased to see FFToolbox has pulled together a Fantasy Football Consistency spreadsheet - I mean who doesn't love consistency in FF? I like seeing Roddy White's nice growth over the past few years and of course you can see the Jeremy Shockey demise here, too. Very cool. I'll be returning to this time and time again over the offseason I imagine.
  • Enjoy a little CBS Sports' Faceoff: The first rookie RB taken should be...take a look at that second question about veterans with improved draft stock - I must admit I think I love both Donovan McNabb and Matt Ryan this year. Can I be so bold as to say both will be top 5 fantasy QBs? Oh yeah, that's right, top 5.
  • What to do with Pierre Thomas? I think this is a great question and I'm glad to see Rotoworld attacking it so early in the season prep in Pancake Blocks' Tough to Rank: Pierre Thomas.
  • Finally, NFC North fans rejoice - there's a great write-up on the division from Football Outsiders though I'm sure the Vikings review would be all topsy-turvy with a Favre addition.
All for now - my posts might be a bit sporadic for the next week or so but I'll be sure to get any crucial links up ASAP!


Wolf Cubs said...

Question you title the posting "McNabb and Ryan will be Top 5 fantasy QBs" but no info or artical. did you have one.

I for one am very intringed as to you thoughts as to what donavan is going to do behind his new line and with to new wepons in the mix.

No one likes to toss it around in the league as much as Andy Reid. said...

I agree that McNabb will be a top five QB. I have him projected as the second best fantasy QB this season.