Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day linkage for the '09 season

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to drive my husband and friends to the start of a big 10K here in Boulder. Since then I've basically spent the entire day watching other people exert themselves: I saw thousands of people running in that 10K, watched the Rockies get demolished by the Dodgers, and am now enjoying Game 4 of the Nuggets vs Lakers...come on, Nuggies!

Sadly my day of sports observation involved no football other than catching up on what few headlines are making waves. I'm hoping to slip in a few football links for you at the end of this holiday weekend...

  • KFFL's PPR and non-PPR rankings are up and it's oh so good to see them. Take a look at these cheat sheets and get (re)acquainted with the latest position rankings. It's interesting to see Maurice Jones-Drew at the #1 RB spot in the PPR rankings (he's the #2 RB in the non-PPR ranking), especially after having just read this article from on a mock draft where MJD went #1 overall.
  • I like the quick player notes in Rotoworld's 17 Minicampers to Watch article - great reminders/updates on the latest from a lot of important fantasy players, including several rising stars.
  • I can't help but link to an article from FFToday on the coaching changes and fantasy impact now that Josh McDaniels is in Denver. I see the word "Broncos" and just can't help myself; must provide link. But to prove I can link to other team fantasy updates, here's an article on Mangini joining the Browns, too.
  • Sports Data Hub takes a look at the fantasy value found in AFC West quarterbacks - seems like Rivers is the only sure thing in QB fantasyland in that division though I do think Orton and Cassel have a great deal of promise...just remains to be seen how it will all pan out.
  • Last week I linked to an article that talked about FF draft strategy a bit and it looks like the Bruno Boys also have strategy on their minds - read their Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: When to Take Wide Receivers. What do you all think? I know it's hard to predict since crazy stuff can happen on draft day, but do you agree that the WR1 pool is small and that it's worthwhile to snag some WR power at the start of the draft? Or would you rather go with an RB?
  • I'm not sure I'm buying into Vernon Davis - I feel like I did that already, perhaps more than once...but's Michael Fabiano makes a good case for Davis (and using phrases like "looked tremendous in offseason practice") and I fear he's piquing my Davis interest yet again.

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Unknown said...

I'm not against drafting a WR, QB or RB in round one. I tier each of my positions and for me, that determines what value that I can get with my pick. In the WR category, I have only Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss and Larry Fitgerald in Tier 1, with A. Johnson, R. Wayne, R. White, S. Smith, G. Jennings and M. Colston in Tier 2. So in Round 1, if the Tier one RB's are all gone, I very well could take a Tier 1 WR. One other item of note. I make sure that I have at least 2 RB's before Round 4 is complete.