Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Feverish fantasy on election day

Two amazing fantasy football things happened to me last night: 1. I went 7-0 in my leagues for Week 9 and 2. I beat my husband. I am nearly incapable of beating him - last year was the first time in four years (and three leagues) that I beat him and it was magnificent. For me. So beating him for the second time ever last night was pretty rad. Unfortunately I was just lying on our couch with a fever trying to figure out how many layers of skin I had removed with my constant nose-blowing. It's no fun being sick but at least I had MNF to watch - and today I've got election coverage to keep me entertained (and yes, this DC area native actually finds constant election news entertaining). All I have to say is thank goodness for early voting or else I'd be infecting the town of Boulder with my germs right now.

Anyway, moving on from my cold (and you guys are awesome - thank you for the well wishes you've e-mailed my way), let's get to the fantasy links for the day.

  • If you haven't scoped out Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's videos yet, take a look at his waiver wire advice for Week 10. I believe that Hatty is cranking out some new videos soon with suggestions for the playoffs, which I know a lot of you would be psyched to listen to - I'll be sure to get those links up if/when he gets them posted.
  • Speaking of playoffs advice, the Fantasy Hulks have taken a look at QBs and RBs with favorable schedules and not-so-favorable schedules. Take a look if you're trying to shore up any holes going into the playoffs.
  • But back to waiver wire advice - check out the FFGeekBlog's The Wire: Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 10, 2008. In case you missed any of Week 9's injuries or shake ups, the Geeks have you covered here.
  • KFFL has both sleepers and busts up for Week 10 - the undefeated Titans meet the Bears next and I know plenty of people who that the Orton-led Bears might be able to bring the Titans their first loss. I would temper expectations big time for Forte and really all Bears. Grossman didn't look bad on Sunday but I'm not particularly eager to gamble on the Bears' matchup in Week 10.
  • The FFManiaxs already have their IDP start/sit up for Week 10 and Chris Long is included in their starts. (update: what I'm about to say has nothing to do with Chris Long, but Jake Long. I will blame this on my cold medicine but really it might just be my inability to separate them in my mind despite their different positions, teams, etc. Thanks for the reminder, smarty pants in the comments section.) Our seats at the Dolphins v Broncos game on Sunday were right behind the Miami bench and oh my goodness, Jake Long is massive. He's just a total beast. Chris Long isn't too shabby either.
  • Now if you're in a dynasty/keeper league you won't want to miss The Hazean's By the numbers: 12 players to stash for next year. I'm happy as a clam with Hightower on my roster in my dynasty league and am wondering if I should make a move for Brady Quinn now, too. I'm not 100% convinced about Quinn so if any of you have strong feelings, I'd love to hear them.
  • Finally, you basically can't go wrong with reading a Gregg Rosenthal column on Rotoworld and his The Morning After: Few Guarantees is a solid read for thoughts on which of your players should be lauded for their consistency and which shouldn't (MJD, I'm talking about you).
Enjoy election day - and don't forget, this is a short week!! The Broncos play the Browns on Thursday night. More on that soon as start/sit posts for that game will be coming up before you know it. Ahh, NFL on a Thursday. Love it.


TC said...

@ "pretty rad"...

Man, I haven't heard that slang used since Vanilla Ice was at the top of the charts with "Ice Ice Baby"

@ "election coverage to keep me entertained"...

That is just a sick and twisted thought. Election coverage is ANYTHING but entertaining.

I thought I had you this week on the NBC challenge (I was 1 point ahead) after Sunday night. However, you had a Steeler or Redskin that put you back on top last night. We've only got 3 weeks left, and I'm determined to get past you!

Have you clinched a play-off spot in any of your seven leagues yet? I'm in four, and I've clinched in one (YEAH!!) I owe it to all of your superior advice/links!

It's coming down to the wire... Good Luck!
a.k.a. The Golden Armadillos

Anonymous said...

You mention Chris Long at the Dolphins game, but that is OL Jake Long. Chris Long plays for the Rams.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think after a few brews, all the players look kinda Long.
I saw the error but didnt't want to correct you publicly. Peace

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Oh no, I like being corrected - it's cool by me. Thank you, anon. I'd rather have someone correct me than look like an idiot. So by all means, correct away!