Thursday, November 06, 2008

Finding the fantasy rose

As I think I've mentioned before my husband is finishing up his PhD this year so he's spending basically every waking moment (and probably some less than conscious moments, too) working on his job applications and the final chapters of his dissertation. I think each milestone deserves a celebration so after he finished one more chunk of his dissertation last night, we went out to grab some beer at our local liquor store. We walked out with a six-pack and 30 roses. It's highly unclear why but the guys who worked at the liquor store insisted on giving us the flowers (or why there were flowers in a liquor store in the first place - is this common?) but frankly, who am I to say no to roses? Sometimes the most unexpected lovely things happen. Not sure I have a segue from that to fantasy football but I could really stretch it and say go check the start/sit links to find out which players will be the roses to your fantasy weekend. How did that work? Yeah, didn't think so. So I'll just jump right over to football.

  • My column for the Bruno Boys went up yesterday afternoon - Second Half Players to Avoid - with my thoughts on which kind of hot waiver wire additions aren't really worth picking up.
  • RotoExperts' Start and Sit: Week Ten is up with a bunch of high quality recommendations except I'm not sure I agree with the sit Frerotte call. Of course this always depends on who else you have but I think having Sidney Rice back is a nice addition for Frerotte who may actually end the day with a decent game. It's not going to be a massive night or anything for him but with all of the injured QBs right now, you could do far worse than Frerotte.
  • I'm completely on board with The Goat's start predictions in his BIGTIME FF Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleeper Picks Week 10 post - this is going to be a Carolina RB owner's dream weekend. They'll have more time of possession than Nate Newton.
  • Brady Quinn doesn't eat grandma's cookies - he "fake eats them" which is why the Broncos are just going to annihilate him tonight. Oh yeah. Get the scoop on Quinn and tonight's game in Rotoworld's Fantasy Fix video.
  • For those of you looking for projections for the week, scope out FFToday's projections by position. I just get such a kick out of seeing Thigpen listed as the #2 QB for the week. But it's a great call since the San Diego defense hasn't given up less than 200 passing yards in a game so far this season and in general can be thoroughly beat in the air.
  • And finally a few more starts and sits for you:
Finally, as I mentioned yesterday I'll be back on Westwood One's Fantasy Football Forecast with Tommy Tighe and Jim Fassel this weekend. The show airs tonight at 10:00 PM eastern and then again about 10 different times throughout the weekend - or you can listen to the show here after it airs tonight.

Enjoy the game tonight and GO BRONCOS!


Anonymous said...

Found this blog recently and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy you aggregating all the rankings, start em/sit em columns, and waiver wire updates. Keep up the good work

Ryan Peterson said...

Love your blog. Don't stop doing what you do.

Matt said...

How about that Cutler!!??

Looks like my Parker vs Hightower dilemma may have been solved by Parker's injury. But thanks to Cutler, Marshall, and Prater, my week has started quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

Man - I have Cutler, but sure wish I would have picked up Royal off the wire back at the beginning of the season. Told my buddy to grab him while I sat on Patrick Crayton - ouch!

Anonymous said...

Ha, good one about Nate Newton!

Anonymous said...

If you listen to the Westwood One broadcast, the FFLibrarian segment starts at 21:20.


Anonymous said...

Who should I start between these two not-great options: Slaton at Baltimore or Addai at Pittsburgh?

Bobbert said...

Hello all,
I need to pick 1 for a ppr league
J Stewart
M Moore
L White

With parker out Moore gets a decent boost but I'm just not sure.

Thanks in advance

bigboid said...

Nuts, completely nuts. I always give away one game a year by simply playing the wrong starter. Looks like week 10 is my giveaway game this year: I put Cutler on my bench due to some wacky hunch the Browns would put up some sort of defense, like they did against the Giants. I seriously doubt Pennington will put up 35 points against the Seahawks in my league, no matter how crummy their defense is. Oh, well.

Anonymous said...

Beer and Roses?
Is that Axel's new band?
Cause nothin lasts forever, even cold November rain

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks for all the great comments, you guys. I appreciate the feedback!

Anon, I'd go with Slaton over Addai but that's just by a small margin.

Bobbert, I'd go with Moore without a doubt.

And bigboid I'll be pulling for big numbers from Pennington for you!