Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Morning Updates - Week 10

I have a buddy in one of my fantasy football leagues that's from Dublin, Ohio, and therefore a major Ohio State fan. I am not an Ohio State fan. At all. So when Joe and I played against each other in FF a few weeks ago we made a little bet that the loser would have to wear the other's teams colors/gear for yesterday's Northwestern v Ohio State game. I soundly defeated him in FF so he showed up at our place yesterday in purple - only to have the Buckeyes pummel my Wildcats. I have to say for the first quarter I had hope that Northwestern might make a game of it; they did not and the end result was a 45-10 loss for Northwestern. Bummer.

So I'm licking my wounds this morning and trying to sharpen all of my fantasy teams before go-time. If you are, too, here are some last minute articles that might give you that edge.

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