Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Filling QB holes and other fantasy links

Happy the-election-is-finally-over day - and congrats to those that are (gleefully) happy with the results. Now that the election is behind us we can all focus our energy entirely on fantasy football, right? What a relief. All that time you might have spent trying to convince your loved ones or strangers to vote a certain way can now go towards fantasy football research. Teams everywhere are about to get 10 times better. Unless you abhor politics and have just been kicking fantasy butt all along.

Anyway, a couple of things before we get into this week's links. This week I'll be doing another Westwood One radio segment that will be airing tomorrow night and then throughout the weekend. I know the last time I was on Westwood One, my buddy the FFGoat woke up one morning in time to hear me talking about QB decisions with Tommy Tighe, which is exactly what I'll be doing again this week. With my awesome congested voice. Which leads me to my second point - I am feeling better. Again, thank you all for your concern and healthy wishes.

Now to links...

  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List is up - sage advice on the Delhomme front; I've been plugging Delhomme for several weeks now but against a relatively stout Oakland pass defense (though really, can "stout" and "Oakland" really be used in the same sentence?) and a matchup that might just put the Panthers way, way ahead early on, Delhomme might not be the greatest QB option.
  • Another start/sit list is up, this one from Pigskin Addiction. Here are the QBs, RBs and WRs.
  • If you're one of the many unlucky fantasy owners out there whose QB has become injured - or maybe even many of your QBs have been injured by now - take a look at's Week 10 Rankings: Coping with QB Change, Part II. As these guys point out, nearly half the league has been forced to use more than one starting QB this season. That's just QB insanity.
  • And it's no surprise then that's weekly waiver advice Charles has added fantasy value; Rosenfels could be an asset is heavy on the QB suggestions.
  • ProFootballWeekly's Week 10 Matchups to Exploit or Avoid - I'm totally on the Carolina running back train here. I mean honestly think about the total havoc that backs can cause against Oakland. I've been sitting Stewart lately but am definitely plugging him back in as my flex spot this week. If you've got Williams I hope you're chomping at the bit over this matchup.
  • FFToolbox's Week 10: Start 'em list is full of good advice. I must say that I'm becoming more and more of a Derrick Mason fan - he's not only targeted a lot but he actually catches a lot of those targets. What could be better?
I'll be back tomorrow with more start/sit articles and advice for the Thursday night game.


Matt said...

So Fantasy Football Sharks list Willie Parker as a stud. While that's comforting as a Parker owner, they're basically alone in applying that label. Some rankings (including Fantasy Football Nerd's aggregate rankings) are projecting Hightower ahead of Parker.

So do you (or I, in this case) stay with your stud, or play the hot hand?

Lester's Legends said...

Glad you're feeling better. Brady Quinn could make a decent play this week if you're really hurting.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a total quandary this week - Torain and Rice are still on the waiver wire and I have Charles - a lot of hate out there for Charles despite the fact that he's the only definite starter of the three.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your posts, I stop by every day...

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I'm a little late in posting my commentary here - Matt, you probably are all set with starting Hightower now that Parker has been ruled out.

And Sammy, you may have already made your waiver decisions but I like Rice as a starter this week. SD's run defense is stronger than Houston's and I think Rice will be the starter. Long term I'm not that excited about Rice but I think I like him better than Charles.

And thanks for the comments, Lester and anon!