Monday, November 17, 2008

Prep for Week 12

Greetings from Boston, fantasy footballers. I just spent the weekend in Vermont for my sister's wedding and am headed back to Colorado this afternoon after a brief stop in Beantown. I had an incredible time this weekend - there was a lot of laughter, beer pong (groom and father of the groom made quite a team) and dancing (including a mother of two small children doing the worm on the dance floor). I am a little sad that after all my travels this fall to celebrate various events for the wedding, and yes, even after all my angst over what I would say in my toast, that the wedding has now come and gone. I guess this just means I can focus on fantasy football even more now...

I was hanging out with family and then was on the road from Vermont to Boston during much of yesterday's games, so once again I missed some of the games and have been scoping out fantasy stats this morning. One great place for just a quick stats recap is Dr U Fantasy Football Guru's Fantasy Studs/Duds Week 11. I'm kicking myself for leaving Jonathan Stewart on my bench rather than my flex spot, but I just didn't believe he was going to do a whole lot with his recent injury and Williams' production - lesson learned: always start your talented RBs against Detroit.

There are a handful of waiver wire links up already, so take a look if you're still trying to tweak your team to get the right lineup heading into the end of the FF season:

  • FanHouse's Waiver Wire Wonders - did you notice Justin Gage's incredible numbers? Of course you did. Grab him if you need a WR though I agree with FanHouse that he's probably not reliable enough to start on a weekly basis.
  • FootballDocs' Waiver Wire Week 12 Pick-up/Drop Advice - the Docs rightly recommend three QBs that might just be available in your league: Collins, Culpepper and Hill. These aren't guys that you'll be proud to start most likely but based on their recent stats, you could certainly do worse.
  • Fantasy Football Xtreme's Week 12 - On the Rise & On the Decline reviews several players that you're going to want to focus on this week, like say Ray Rice with McGahee leaving the game in the third quarter. Though apparently McGahee could have returned but the Ravens just wanted to be cautious.
  •'s waiver advice in Dunn, Keller among fantasy players to target for Week 12 includes the Denver defense on their list for next week. Umm, what? I mean I love my Broncos and I realize that the Oakland offense is just awful and opposing defenses are putting up crazy fantasy numbers...but seriously, I hope you have a better defense than the Broncos to play this week. But if you are considering playing the Broncos D/ST, make sure Champ Bailey is back before making them active on your team.
Enjoy the game tonight!


Unknown said...

so the dilemma begins, going into my toughest game ever... projected to lose by 18 in a PPR which QB do i start, cassel at the fins, quinn hosting the texans, or ryan hosting the panthers... i have cassel in my line up and i didn't get a chance to see quinn play. the texans at home seems pretty nice... but cassel just dropped 44 and i started ryan... darn your reemerging broncos! thoughts?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hmm, that's a tough one! So Quinn's stats weren't as good as I thought he actually looked during the game - but even though he has the best matchup here for sure, I'm nervous about recommending the biggest newbie of your options. So it's really back to being between Cassel and Ryan for me. Neither one of them played all that well against their opponent the first time they met this year, but both have had some time to mature. I think I lean towards Cassel here.

And keep up the good work, my reemerging Broncos!