Thursday, November 20, 2008

Looking for a fireplace and more start/sit links

It is 40 degrees colder in Boulder today than it was on Tuesday - I love the wacky weather here but there was a thick layer of ice on our car this morning. Normally this is not a big deal since we take the bus to work but my husband was off to the airport for a conference, so there was some serious ice scrapping going on to get him on the road on time. I'm just glad he's not trying to fly into the Cleveland or Buffalo areas - looks like you guys are getting hit by a pretty big storm today.

Anyway, enough talk about weather (though I could certainly keep it up for a long time) - there are lots of links to get to today...

  • First, thanks to Chris for sending this link my way - check out's NFL Stats section for some helpful stats details. I particularly like the rushing and passing yards allowed per game options - and being able to compare the season vs the past three games as well as home vs away. Very helpful.
  • Some of you might be seeing the sad end of your fantasy season approaching and are already perhaps thinking ahead to 2009. Well Mr. X's The Fire Sale: Getting with the Program from Sports Grumblings has some amusing opinions on the types of leagues that too outdated for you to be playing anymore. I particularly agree with you on the IDP front, Mr. X.
  • If you still haven't figured out which guys to grab off the waiver, here's some late week advice from the Fantasy Sports Forum's Get 'em While They're Hot.
  • Some start and sit links are already up, though remember to check back tomorrow if you want the rest of the list - and I promise to do the consensus start/sit picks this week!
  • My weekly column for the Bruno Boys is up: FFL - Late Season Surprises though note that since I wrote the post I've seen reports that Mark Bradley is injured, not seriously, but it's something to keep an eye on.
  • FFManiaxs' Week 12 Dark Horses gives reasons why Matt Cassel should be in your lineup this week, along with other guys like Jonathan Stewart and Steve Breaston.
Enjoy the game tonight!


Anonymous said...

Hello all, quick question...

In a PPR / 12pt TD league I am debating sitting Lee Evans in favor or Wes Welker or Justin Gage.

Welker is a PPR king but Gage is starting to heat up...

Whats your take on this?

Unknown said...

welker rarely gets in the endzone and gage will definitely get looks with the jets run D shutting johnson and white down. but i might stick with lee against the brownies... at least it seems whenever i give up on a guy he does awesome that week... IMHO

question of my own... hillis vs the raiders or k. smith vs tampa bay.. smith gets a dome and is solid every week but does hillis provide a potential for greater points (i kind of need the potential but i definitely want at least some points) PPR

Anonymous said...

Does Shanahan love Al Davis? No, in fact he hates him with a passion.

Look for Shanahan to run the score up big time.

Hillis is a no brainer!


Anonymous said...

Fantasy Sports Forum has spammy pop-ups. You can drop them, unless there is some reason you like to post links to crappy sites?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Great feedback on the spammy pop-ups - definitely keep that info coming and thanks for making me chuckle.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

And I forgot to comment on the start/sit questions here...Bob, I think I'd actually go with Welker. I like the chemistry he has with Cassel and I think the Pats are seeing this game as a must win and migh use go-to Welker quite a bit. Plus he's just so scrappy - love that.

Potlicker, I'm in complete agreement with The Dewd on this one - go with Hillis without a doubt.

Good luck guys!