Monday, November 24, 2008

Giving up on McNabb?

I just made a roster move that I might live to regret. Though perhaps not...after watching Donovan McNabb's ridiculously awful numbers put my playoffs position in serious danger, I decided to trade him in for what I hope will be an upgrade. I ditched McNabb and Jerious Norwood and grabbed the QB tandem of Tyler Thigpen and Matt Cassel, both of whom were available on the waiver wire (side note: yes, it's ridiculous that both guys were available but it's a 10-person league with a really small bench...but still). Granted, I probably don't need both of those guys, but with Cassel facing the Steelers next week, I thought I'd get a little Thigpen insurance on the side. But scope out their schedules - both Cassel and Thigpen have sweet matchups down the stretch.

I made this decision in the aftermath of a stunning and painful Broncos loss to the Raiders. I mean seriously, did I really watch that happen? The RAIDERS? Even Raiders fans out there must recognize the absolute ridiculousness of that game. It's possible that post-loss I can't think straight, so if you all think I just made a massive mistake, do let me know.

Two additional thoughts before getting into the links for today:
1. Poor Kevin Kolb; no one should have to jump in by playing the Ravens.
2. I heart Clinton Portis. The man's beastly status just took a leapfrog-style jump up to uber-beast in my book.

Okay, onto today's links:

  • ProFootballWeekly points out that during Week 12 (which isn't even over yet) half of the league was able to put up 27 points or more. Very good for most fantasy owners. Check out their Fantasy Ticker: It's all downhill for Eli for thoughts on sell high/sell low players - not sure how many of you are still within your trading deadline, but this could be helpful even just for fine tuning your roster.
  • More thoughts on players on the rise or decline comes from FFXtreme - Smitty from FFX has been talking about Michael Turner's awesomeness for quite some time now, so I just know that he's loving the multi-TD performance Turner put up yesterday. I, on the otherhand, did not dig it since I was facing Turner in two leagues. Not cool. Especially since it means losing to my husband.
  • And even more similar thoughts from Fantasy Sharks' On the Rise, On the Fall - I am really looking forward to be thankful for Chris Johnson's run game against the Lions on Thursday...though LenDale's recent disgruntled comments have me both concerned and amused about his status.
  • Now onto waiver wire info - a couple to check out:
  • Finally, for those of you with 2009 on the mind, check out Gregg Rosenthal's ranking of the rookie receivers, which might be of interest for those in dynasty/keeper leagues.
That's about it from a really, really quiet college campus - just seems odd to come to work at the library when students are on break. And don't worry, I'm not traveling anywhere for the holidays so my posts should be timely and frequent!


Wade said...

Heck, I dropped McNabb LAST week for Cassel in a 10-team league and didn't regret it at all. Unfortunately I started Cutler over Cassel on Sunday (ouch), but still will win handily thanks to Randy Moss and Michael Turner. The writing has been on the wall for the past several weeks with McNabb, and the Eagles offense is just feeble at this point.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Wade. I guess I'm just having a hard time letting go of the guy...

Anonymous said...

I had a bad feeling about Cutler this week - definitely seemed like a potential trap game with DMac coming back to lift the Raider's spirits - but I didn't think it would be that bad. And whoda ever thunk the Eagles would sink so low after they started off with such a bang?

Reggie Wayne is killing me this year - for every game he's helped, he's also had one that ruined my week - like yesterday's - despite sky-high projections for him. Ya just never know.

TC said...

McNabb was almost as useful as Brandon Jacobs was yesterday.

Good move on your part. Both of those QBs should perform down the stretch.

Also congrats on moving up in the 100K challenge. You're almost in first!

Lester's Legends said...

Very solid moves getting both Cassel and Thigpen.