Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bowling, pickup lines and football advice - what could be better?

I head back to bowling tonight after taking last week off with that cold I had...can I redeem myself from my recent poor performance on the alley and pull an MJD-like move and bowl the equivalent of 3 TDs? Or will I remain stuck in my rut much like one Joseph Addai? Wish me luck tonight.

So I'm going to try and post twice today since I will be traveling for almost the entire day tomorrow - fly to Boston and then drive the rental car up to Vermont in time to catch dinner with the family and the Thursday night game. I'm not really sure where the blog posting will fit in, so brace yourselves for a post-free day. But I'll do my best! And another great place to check is the Fantasy Football Daily Planner from Fantasy Sports Central. I think I'm on there every day making sure I've seen everything they link to and they catch a lot of great stuff.

Your first dose of links for the day is as follows...

  • FFManiaxs' Week 11 Waiver Wire article is up for those who haven't put in their waiver claims yet - take a look for last minute advice. Or just for some guys you might want to stash on your way to the playoffs.
  • One of you was asking about playing Joe Flacco as your QB2 (if I haven't answered your waiver or start/sit question yet, you'll hear from me soon!) - if that was you, you've got the RotoExperts on your side. Scope out their Waiver Wire Tips, The Pickup Artist for your weekly dose of pickup lines and quality waiver advice.
  • The good stuff from the RotoExperts doesn't stop there though - if you haven't seen their in-season player rankings yet, it could be a useful tool for trades and lineup decisions.
  • Could you sit Tony Romo for Tyler Thigpen this week? See what The Talented Mr. Roto has to say about that and which pickups he'd recommend for the week - I'm totally on the Mark Bradley train right now, by the way.
  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List is already up for the week - I love these early birds. Sometimes you can't wait until Friday for your start/sit advice (particularly with those pesky Thursday games) and that's when the Sharks are ready and waiting to help.
  • Wondering which guys are going to turn it on for the stretch? I talk about a few in my weekly column for the Bruno Boys which will go up later today but SportingNews' Week 11 Rankings: Six studs for the stretch run lists a lot of guys I really like (Colston, you're back, I've missed you!), so definitely take a look.
  • Pigskin Addiction has their Start/Bench - Week 11 up - QBs, RBs and WRs
  • Finally, I know some of you follow along with my Fifth Down column every Friday where I mention my team where my lineup decisions are entirely made on the FFNerd's advice (except for one week where I went rogue, which ended in disaster). One of you asked what my actual record in that league is - it's 6-4 and I'm poised for the playoffs if I can just keep this up. But the competition is stiff - if you're curious, get the latest on that Blogger league by reading The Hazean's weekly updates which includes point totals and standings.
All for now but I do hope to be back later today with more links and advice!


Matt said...

One thing you might consider, especially going forward, would be "guest"/secondary posters. Maintaining content for a blog can be stressful, so having people who can share the load (especially when life pulls you out of range of internet/computers).

Maybe you could look at somebody to write regular (or maybe only semi-regular) posts on a niche that you don't focus on as much (IDP, salary cap, etc), but who could then cover your usual waiver wire/start-sit beat whenever you are away (or just need a break).

I guess bonus points would be awarded if it was a librarian, although to be honest I come here for the content (it is king, after all), as do most of your regulars I imagine.

Just a thought.

Any progress on that toast?

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the bowling thing!! And, how is the toast coming?

Your advice and research helped me to close in on first place in my Sporting News league last week.....the best collection of fantasy football resources I have ever found!!!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Troy Aikman's AER rankings of NFL teams, week by week? Offensive, Defense & Combined Ratings are given for each NFL team. It's generally published between Tuesday to Thursday. According to Aikman & STATS, LLC it's predictive of a given weekly matchup about 85-87% of the time.

I've found it helpful in identifying the relative scope of a mismatch.

The link is:

Best of luck in your fantasy matchups this weekend ;o)

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks Dida - cool stuff, I'll have to check that out more this week!