Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finding a tiny turkey & waiver advice

I just started off my morning by reading Matthew Berry's TMR: Mission Possible, which led to several chuckles, which in turn has put me in a pretty good mood. If you dig Berry's sense of humor, start your morning off right and take a look at his article from last night.

So my husband and I don't have any Thanksgiving Day plans yet (other than watching an ungodly amount of football) since we don't travel back east to see family (especially this year with my ridiculous travel schedule) and our other regular fellow Tgiving revelers will all be out of town. Right now it's looking like it'll be a 2-person, 2-cat Thanksgiving at our place...totally fine except my husband is a vegetarian (Boulder finally got to him). Do I make an entire turkey for myself or can we actually celebrate Thanksgiving without any turkey at all?? That seems sacrilegious. Another issue is that I'm not really a turkey leftovers kind of girl - so I can't even claim to enjoy that turkey for anything longer than one single day. I think I'm in the market for the world's tiniest turkey...

Onto the links for today:

  • There are still quite a few excellent waiver wire articles out there in case you haven't staked your free agent claim yet:
  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench list is up for your review - I was a Delhomme believer for the latter half of the season but he isn't proving me correct, even after an unbelievably easy matchup with the Lions. Time to look elsewhere perhaps, like say Jason Campbell who should have smooth sailing this week against Seattle.
  • ProFootballWeekly's Week 12 Matchups to Exploit or Avoid - I just read this morning that my fellow Northwestern alum, Noah Herron, has been added to the Bucs backfield. Herron has been able to put up some decent yardage in the past so while I don't think he's a real fantasy contender for anyone except the very deepest of leagues, I do think he detracts a bit from Dunn's value.
  • FFToolbox's Week 12: Sleepers of the Week is heavy on the QBs, which is great for those who have been struggling all season to find the right QB. I have to admit that Quinn makes me nervous - I feel like he's still a bit of an unknown commodity, but he does have a pretty excellent matchup this week if you're feeling like taking a Quinn gamble.
  • I love KFFL's weekly Fantasy Football on Target article - if you haven't had a chance to review every game but are wondering which WRs are getting lots of looks, check out this article. Great analysis.
  • And finally one last waiver wire article from Accuscore but the format is spiced up a bit and definitely worthy of singling out - instead of just presenting a list of guys you might want to snag, Tim Williams has compared his list of waiver options using the AccuScore simulations for the rest of the season. Once again AccuScore reminds me of what a powerful tool their simulator is - love it. Here's a vote for the new waiver format!


Unknown said...

line up questions... keller or scaife? playing against each other, the last time titans run def was stuffed scaife blew up... might happen again? keller is on the rise and you never know with favre...

Unknown said...

not "run def", just run

Ryan said...

get a cornish game hen and call it a turkey

Mo Morrissey said...

Perhaps some of that deli sliced turkey that comes in the Glad Ware...slap that stuff on some bread and cranberry sauce and you're good.

Shane said...

My wife and kids are vegetarians, a recent development. Well, recent enough that this will be the first Thanksgiving when my family will be scratching their heads trying to figure out what to feed us.

What about that tofu-turkey thing? Tofurkey? Does your husband eat fish? I told my dad (we eat two Thanskgiving meals a year) to make me a salmon and stop whining.

Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for all the great research....I am in second place in my league and gaining on the first place dude.....all due to your great research!!

Now, to Thanksgiving. I like the idea of Cornish Hens. They bake easily and there is a great orange sauce you can use to enhance the taste.

What about a Turkey breast? Marianate it in brine the night before. You can get a good brine recipe on the Food Network site.

Oh, and a great recipe for stuffing is there, as well. Spincach-Artichoke stuffing has been the mainstay of our Thanksgiving. It is an Emeril recipe and is awesome!!

And don't forget a good Chardonney!!

Have a great weekend and holiday!

Anonymous said...

You can buy a small turkey breast and you can cook it very simply in a crock pot/slow cooker.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I should be asking you all about food more often - thank you for the advice! You guys are awesome. Turns out my pathetic post about being turkey-less on Tgiving led to a friend inviting us over, so I think I might get my bird after all.

Potlicker, I'm liking Scaife this week. I realize Keller is the "smarter" play here with the Titans kryptonite being TEs and all, but my gut says go with Scaife.