Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm the one without galoshes

Kind of a crazy day - for starters, it was the first time since I was maybe 6 years old that I coveted galoshes. I stared at all sorts of fellow subway passengers with lovely, cozy, dry-looking rain boots and thought ahead to the rest of the week that has a cold, wet rain in the forecast for New York City. Living in Colorado for so many years I lost a sense of what it means to experience non-stop, day after day rain. It doesn't do that in heaven Colorado. So now I'm wondering how long I'll last before caving and buying some serious galosh action.

Other craziness - go back in time about 2 years and I bet 90% of you would be surprised to hear that LaDainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook were both released within about a day of each other. A reminder of how quickly the mighty can fall. For some thoughts on where Tomlinson might land, see what The Hazean has to say in LaDainian Tomlinson out in San Diego, where to next?

For more links, read on:

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  • Meanwhile if your brain is stuck on 2010 prep and you're eager for some thoughts on sleepers for next season, read FFManiaxs' thoughts on Pierre Thomas. I'm not positive that sleeper is really the best designation for him, but he certainly has the opportunity to blow up this year.
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