Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Combine Week

Finally, the week we've all been waiting for is here: the Scouting Combine. Not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight with the excitement but truly, this is mighty good, my friends. Means football season is just a tad bit closer.

Now I for one have been reveling in the greatness of the Olympics (that fantasy Olympics game I keep pimping,, was just written up in the Wall Street Journal this weekend), but I'm trying not to lose my football focus what with all the football talk that could be going on this week. Really make that Tim Tebow talk.

So let's get right to some of the combine talk and then of course dabble in some 2010 talk:

  • Rotoworld's Scouting Combine Preview is a great summary of things to watch for in Indy this week. Evan Silva always does a great job with draft prep and focusing in on guys who have big speed and size.
  • For the past few years I've done a summertime article on offensive lines, so as you can imagine, I like news on the big guys up front. So I'm digging Dr U Fantasy Football Guru's top 10 NFL Draft rankings for offensive tackles from this year's rookie class.
  • Peter King's MMQB touches on the combine, free agency, and of course the Olympics.
  • Basically I'm on pins and needles any time I see a Broncos headline, wondering what supposed mcmastery McDaniels is up to - the latest headline from that the Broncos won't commit to Orton beyond 2010 just makes me anxious for some reason. Not that Orton is the long-term solution...but still, I feel uneasy.
  • smartly zeroes in on a few coaching changes that you might want to be aware of going into the 2010 season in Five assistant coaches who will impact their new teams - from the big Mike Martz move to the less publicized coaching transitions.
  • has a Peaches to Leeches article that looks at dudes who had a tremendous 2009 season but are likely to come back to earth next year.
  • Finally, the offseason means a lot of site redesigns in the FF industry and Fighting Chance Fantasy, a site I frequently link to during the season, has jumped on that train and given themselves a makeover. While there isn't a ton of football coverage these days (I'm promised more to come as the draft approaches), if you need some fantasy baseball advice then you're in luck.
Now back to the Olympics - if you somehow missed it, you'll want to be sure to see the Fifth Down's details on Vernon Davis as the honorary captain of the U.S. men's curling team. I happened to be watching the curling match this weekend when Vernon appeared. Fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Is there a fantasy combine game?


jnb said...

pimping? i don't know about you ffl....