Thursday, February 11, 2010

Join in on the Winter Olympics fantasy fun!

Tomorrow marks the start of the Winter Olympics with the opening ceremonies in the evening, and I have good news for all you fantasy sports addicts: you can keep up your fantasy fervor by participating in's Winter Olympics competition here. Scope out all the rules and such but basically it's a combo of a fantasy game and a slot machine - on a daily basis during the Olympics, you can spin to see how good of a trio of countries you can get for various sporting events. When one of your countries wins a medal, you score some points. So head on over and keep the fantasy fun rolling over the next few weeks!

While I could probably carry on here with some links to Winter Olympics research and athlete insights, I'm going to give you all what you're more likely here for - fantasy football links.

  • Follow along with the offseason injuries in The Hazean's Thursday Morning Rehab - lots of info here on guys ranging from Brandon Jacobs to Steve Slaton to Mark Sanchez.
  • Many have Chris Johnson on their radar as top dog for the 2010 fantasy football season - see what Rotoworld has to say about the recent hubbub about Johnson's carries being reduced in Chris Johnson and a reduced workload?
  • Matthew Berry (Talented Mr. Roto) addresses the question of Chris Johnson as the top pick in 2010 among many other questions during FanHouse's video interview of him on Radio Row at the Super Bowl.
  • IDPers might want to bookmark Kilroyz Krystal Ball as a place to go every week or so to catch up on the latest IDP updates.

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