Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time to get mocking

My friends, mock draft season has arrived. Several of my favorite fantasy football sites are rolling out their first real mock drafts of the season and I'm loving it. Guessing you will, too, or why the heck else would you be perusing a fantasy football blog in May??

Very quickly before we jump into today's links I just wanted to let you all know that I have a FSTA Summer Conference Blog. I'll probably update it a few times a week before the conference gets here (June 9-10), but you all might be most interested in my coverage of the expert fantasy football draft at the conference - as well as some of the sessions that pertain to trends in fantasy football. I'll get a reminder up here when it's conference time of course, but just something to keep on your radar.

Okay now back to mock drafts and other fun FF links:

  • When Yahoo's Roto Arcade blog starts talking football again, I know the season is getting close. Exciting times. They're unveiling their mock draft round-by-round so scope out Round 1 and Round 2 in their 12-team PPR league. Note: they welcome your critiques.
  • More mockiness from Rotoworld as they continue to give reasons why you'll want to buy their draft mag this summer - take a look at Instant Reaction: First Mock Draft to get some thoughts on how their mock went. Especially helpful? Noting where the value picks were and at what point some of the rookie runners were snagged.
  • I love Footballguys. Their daily e-mail is pretty much a must-read on the subway for me and today I was delighted to read that their 2010 projections are up. I'm linking you over to projections from David Dodds, one of their expert analysts, but there are projections from several other writers up, too. 
  • FFManiaxs have Top 10 Fantasy Football Busts for 2010 up - nothing too shocking here as a lot of these are going to be familiar names to those of you who have been paying attention to offseason hi-jinks and roster news, but still a decent launching point.
  • FFToolbox has their Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets up with a ranking of the Top 100 players - though you can also click through to the other rankings by offensive skill positions (looks like the IDPs are still to come).
  • SI's Fantasy Clicks also takes a look at some mock draft outcomes but also of interest, they see how some big sites did with their sleeper and bust picks for the 2009 season. Interesting stuff.

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Les Savy Ferd said...

I recently emailed a QB Rankings list along with the rds where i thought they would go in and whether or not they were a value pick to the commish of my long-running league.

he replied with "well it's a little early for that sort of thing."

I responded with some self-deprecation: "It's never too early to be agonizing on where to draft Joe Flacco and Chad Henne."