Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday morning fantasy links

This is the time of year when dormant fantasy football sites start to come alive again - love it. So let's get right to today's links as I feel like there's a lot to cover this morning...

  • takes a look at nearly 20 second-year players in their Sophomore Breakouts article - take a look to see which players they think are set for a solid 2010.
  • If it's really rookies that you're interested in, no problem - most sites have some ideas on which rooks to pay attention to this season, including Fantasy Phenoms with 2 different articles - a dissection of AFC teams and NFC teams.
  • Staying with the theme of rookie analysis, Razzball is brings us some thoughts on the Top 10 IDP Rookie Linebackers.
  • FFToolbox is taking a look at something very near and dear to my heart: Offensive Line Research and Analysis. You can play around with their spreadsheet for whatever your o-line needs might be or click on a team name for more details. I'll be writing up some thoughts on o-lines in Rotoworld's draft magazine again this season so I of course love this kind of research. 
  • Speaking of Rotoworld and their magazine, take a look at Pancake Blocks to see some how the Rotoworld experts agree or disagree with some of their positional rankings this year. The full rankings will be available once the mag is out next month, but Evan Silva does a great job of highlighting some of the more interesting players that they agree/disagree about this year.
  • Football Jabber links over to ESPN's preseason power rankings for the 2010 season and tosses in a few thoughts of his own on the rankings.
  • Last year I was convinced that Michael Turner could beat the 370 Curse and prove to be a top back...I wasn't exactly oh, right let's say on that one. But I am hearing great news about Turner the Burner again and have to admit I'm getting kind of psyched about his 2010 potential. Note that he is appearing leaner and in great shape post-ankle injury. Am I getting overly excited about him again this year or are you guys with me on Turner?
Finally, just wanted to say a quick thanks for all of the many comments and e-mails I received from you all congratulating us on our baby-to-be. I really appreciate it - you guys are awesome!


Anonymous said...

You're not alone on Turner. I'm targeting him for my drafts cause I think he'll be downgraded a little just based on his 2009 performance and end of season stats. Let's not forget that he had one of the most difficult schedules last year. I think he's going to bounce back in a big way this year!

HOT SNAKES! said...

agreed on Turner. just watching him last year (pre-injury obviously) tear up D's was enough to convince me for this coming year. improved ATL team overall and no competition for touches. amazing talent in pass game only helps. Turner will be golden.
and his legs are gigantic.

Unknown said...

so i remember a look at 3rd year receivers last year... hoping to find a Sydney Rice type guy in this years draft, any info like that comin?