Tuesday, June 21, 2011

R.I.P. Oh Google

One common question in our household over the past week or so: why didn't the DVR grab this week's Sports Show with Norm MacDonald? Gregg Rosenthal of Rotoworld/Pro Football Talk fame answered this for us in a recent tweet, noting that the show has been cancelled (invoking sad Bill Cosby now...), and I must say I'm sad to see it go. I didn't really envision myself looking forward to it each week as much as I did, but I'm not gonna lie, there were some really funny nuggets in there. If you haven't seen the show, I'll leave you with a clip (a nod to my husband since I know he loves this one...) though I think my favorite segments were inevitably What the H? and Oh Google.

On to football:

  • Read up on why KFFL.com's Cory Bonini isn't loving Adrian Peterson in Why I'm not down with All Day.
  • Are you in a keeper league and faced with some decisions about which players to keep this season? Turn to FFToolbox.com's Who Not to Keep for some thoughts on players you might be hemming and hawing over. 
  • The Sablich Brothers are back on the Times' Fifth Down blog with their Fantasy First Take: Quarterbacks with a ranking of the 2011 top 10 QBs. 
  • For more rankings, turn to FantasyFootballTrader's re-draft rankings for 2011, which includes auction values.
  • CBSSports.com has a team-by-team breakdown of how the 2011 schedule (assuming it's a standard year) will affect each team's fantasy option - What you need to know about the 2011 schedule.
  • Fantasy Douche's Running Backs and Advanced Red Zone Stats takes a look at 2010's RBs to see who was productive at the goal line and who was not. Includes a few write ups and a nice, juicy chart. Update: so sorry, the article is under a paywall now; register to read or skip ahead to the next link here. Update on the update: nevermind, the Fantasy Douche is awesome enough to give us all access again!
  • Speaking of charts, this isn't fantasy-focused at all but I found Chartball.com's play-by-play look at NFL games for the past several years rather visually interesting; thought you all might enjoy poking around.
  • Finally, this is also neither here nor there but I've had several friends and family members refer me to the SI article on the Alabama tornado, noting that it's one of the best articles they've read in a long, long time. I'm off to finally check it out while our tiny tot is taking his morning nap, and wanted to make sure you've all seen it, too.

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