Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FFLibrarian gear and of course links

Happy day - it's my anniversary (thanks to my wonderful husband for 3 spectacular years) and I got out of jury duty for that murder trial. Everything is coming up Sara! I also have finally made some progress on making FFLibrarian schwag. I know, I was talking about this months ago but the FFNerd's site pointed me in the direction of Zazzle, which I think will be a great online seller. I've got a few products up but if any of you creative types out there have something awesome for an FFLibrarian t-shirt, let me know and you will receive massive amounts of appreciation and credit. I'll be adding a direct link to the FFLibrarian gear over on the right side in a few days...

The FFLibrarian t-shirt timing is actually perfectly aligned with an e-mail I got from Art of the Fan about the FF gear they make. If you're looking to reward your 2009 season champ with a shirt or would perhaps like to express what a FF genius you are, then take a look at their stuff.

Moving past clothing to football:


Ultimate FF Strategy said...

Hey Sara, Glad you love the o-line reviews because you'll be getting 31 more in the next month or so :)

Corey at FFGoat said...

Thanks Sara,

Yeah, the bug bit me the other day, and with perfectly good blog just sitting there, I just couldn't keep my hands of the keyboard.

I'm beginning to understand what Brett Favre must go through this time of year.