Friday, June 26, 2009

End of an 80s Era

I should be wearing a white glove today in honor of the King of Pop. I fall in the category of Michael Jackson fans who just love the guy's music despite how increasingly bizarre he got with time. There's nothing like a little Billie Jean, Bad, Man in the Mirror or Thriller (this list could go on for some time...) to make every day a little better; seriously, if a coworker was having a rough day I would lead them to a little Thriller on youtube and I swear it was a magical short-term cure for the work blues.

Another cure for the work blues? Fantasy football links. And I won't let you down today my friends - it's Friday, no one really wants to be at work on a summertime Friday, so let me help you escape for a few moments...

  • A couple of solid articles from FFXtreme - if you're wondering whether or not you should consider drafting Ronnie Brown, take a look at their Ronnie Brown a Must-Own in 2009? Do you agree that Brown will finish as a top 8 back this season? And don't forget about FFXtreme's Player Spotlights section, which has in-depth analysis of both key and up and coming fantasy players.
  • I'm amused by the Johnson and White talk coming out of Tennessee - catch up on Chris Johnson's plans to become "every coach's dream" on and see why the analysts aren't too high on Johnson this year. Gotta say I really like Johnson so I'm happy to swoop in and grab him if others are feeling a bit hesitant.
  • Those of you who are Cedric Benson fans (no really, I do think a few of you might exist!), you'll be pleased to see the Fifth Down sees good things in Benson's 2009 season. Read on in Lining Up a win-Win for the Bengals and Benson.
  • Could this finally be Jerious' Year? from Rotoworld takes a look at the Atlanta backfield. I'm not buying into the 370 Curse for Michael Turner this season, but I am a fan of Norwood so I feel a bit conflicted here. As a side note here, the Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide is now available.
  • provides a nice list of players that are going into a contract year and might have a little something extra to prove this coming season. It's hardly a ticket to fantasy success to have a contract player on your roster, but it certainly is something to be aware of as you prep for your draft.
Enjoy the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Benson sucks! I made the mistake of thinking he would be good a couple years ago and drafted him early (I also drafted them for a friends team...oops:)