Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Draft kits are coming!

Greetings fantasy fans. It's a cold, wet, windy day here in Boulder, which made getting out of bed and into work a particularly challenging feat. So let's get the day started off right with some fantasy football links.

  • Despite owning Aaron Rodgers on two of my fantasy football teams last year, I somehow managed to overlook the fact that he apparently was the #2 QB in '08. A fact that has not eluded the fantasy superstars at KFFL or now Bruno Boys. I must've been wrapped up in my growing Matt Ryan lovefest. So take a look at A Sneak Peak at Bruno Boys Cavigs 2009 Top 10 QBs for further thoughts on QBs.
  • Or if it's sleeper QBs that you're really interested in, see Fantasy Football Starters for their article on 2009 fantasy football sleepers: Quarterbacks.
  • To help get your mind focused on some of the best dynasty grabs of 2009 and beyond, try reading FFToday's An Eye on the Future. Definitely some names worth keeping track of as the summer unfolds.
  • Where will Steve Breaston be drafted this year? Obviously there are still some question marks with Anquan Boldin's status with the Cardinals and in the meantime Breaston is getting a lot of clutch practice time. Throw into the mix Fitz's recent awkward catch (Fitz is fine!) and the Madden cover curse and some might be wondering just how high to snag Breaston.
  • So it's not up quite yet but the NFL.com 2009 draft kit should be released today - check back to see if it's up and available.


Anonymous said...

Love your site! Sorry, I wont be telling my buddies about it though!

Ryan said...

Is there any information out there in the press, regarding the Denver Broncos offensive scheme and the relationship between the new OC Mike McCoy former of the Carolina Panther (1999-2008) and the new HC Josh McDaniels?

I just wondering how everything is meshing together, as the Panthers' system is a bit that what McDaniels ran for the Patriots formerly. Besides a possible shift in the ratio of run/pass plays called in a given game. Given the high quality of the Broncos O-Line, the 1st draft of K. Moreno, a stud FB/RB Peyton Hillis and an OC out of Carolina; is a power run scheme more likely in Denver next season?

A power run scheme emphasis might help out more, the Broncos rebuilding defensive scheme into a 3-4 or 5-2 hybrid. Chewing the clock with the ball, isn't a bad idea given the tools Denver has to work with on defense.

One reason I'm curious about this situation, is miscommunication and possible football philosophy differences that can sink one side of the ball. Just ask Gregg Williams in Jacksonville about this with Jack de Rio during the 2008 season. Gregg Williams got canned, and now is the Saints new DC. One of the veteran Jacksonville Safeties was complaining to the press that one coach say do "A" and the other coach say do "B". Hard to follow the coaches when they all disagree among themselves what to do. Hopefully things are more clear in Denver between the new HC & OC, but are they?

BTW - Last season I had Tom Brady ranked as the #1 QB and Drew Brees as my #2 QB going into a late FF draft during week 4 of the Preseason at YahooSports! I ended up taking with Drew Brees in the 2nd round, after someone else took Brady in the 1st round, thankfully =o)

Ryan said...

I'm a bit surprised all the Preseason Rankings are coming out this soon in the process. Now even Yahoo's FF has their Top 40 rankings out:

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/fantasy/nfl/news?slug=ys-expertpoll-pre09-top40

Anonymous said...

The the nfl.com "draft kit" is out but it is a little hard to find at the moment. here it is http://www.nfl.com/fantasy/draftkit