Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Daily dose of FF links

Despite the odds, I survived my root canal yesterday fairly unscathed (the flat screen above my head turned to ESPN's NFL Live made things a lot more bearable). Before the endodontist started the process he asked if I wanted to see all of the tools and know exactly what he was going to do and I told him yes, too much information was far better than too little. Kind of my theory on this blog, really. I might throw a bunch of links at you but I say it's better to have too many links, too many details to keep track of than to be in the dark on the latest fantasy musings.

So let's get right to today's links:

Okay, I'm off to jury duty phase 2 - back with more tomorrow!

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Ryan said...

As much as I like understanding what the crowd of sports writers think about the future, as shown at the FF Nerd website. I wonder about the correctness 'wisdom' of the crowd theory, as isn't this very similar to economics very own efficient market theory?? EMT is helpful, yet flawed....

I really do wonder about the 'wisdom of the crowds' assumptions & limitations. If we assume teams play to the level they did last season in 2008, but with the 2009 NFL schedule using AER's the Packers are favored to improve the most of anyone next season with more win +6 games. The team's most likely to have a chance at a 0-16 record in 2009? The Raiders, and Bucs. Of course, last year's AERs applied to estimate next season's individual records is also imperfect but at least it gives a person a basic line to then apply off-season changes to personnel & coaching changes. I really do wonder if the mass of sports writers assumptions take into account both the top-down and bottom-up points of view when they create their NFL player points projection estimations for Fantasy Football.

Is their a version of the FF Nerd that takes into account real Fantasy Football league drafts by average everyday people, rather than a sample size of sports writers? I wonder what the valuation differences would be?

Thanks again, FFlibrarian =-)